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The benefits

Deliver integrated learning anytime, anywhere

Competencies matter. They are the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be. BT Learning Solutions puts control where it's needed – in the hands of those that learn, so that they can learn at an appropriate pace, and from wherever suits them best. It enables you to monitor progress closely. Not least, it makes total costs more visible and controllable.

  • Reduce costs - save up to 30 per cent of your budget by avoiding the costs of travel, subsistence and administration associated with face-to-face training.
  • Improve productivity - cut time employees spend on travelling to traditional training courses and enable learning on the job
  • Ensure compliance - be confident that you are compliant with statutory and industry requirements and have the evidence required by regulators and shareholders.
  • Accelerate employee acquisition of new knowledge, skills and competency - bring your workforce up to speed more quickly on new products, services or internal processes.
  • Enable more flexible working - train anytime, anywhere is an important part of flexible working.
  • Improve talent management - identify new potential leaders and enhance succession planning.
  • Reduce technology risk - benefit from agreed service levels and an up-to-date technology platform.
  • Support change - support and manage cultural and/or organisational change.
  • Cut CO2 emissions - reduce the need for travel and improve your corporate carbon footprint.
We asked BT Learning Solutions to help us as it has a reputation as a leader in developing learning and certification programmes.”
- Stefaan van Hooydonk, Dean, Philips Lighting University

We wanted a system that would be robust, easy for us to maintain and administer, and easy for our participants to use in order to access learning. The BT team really developed an understanding of what we were trying to achieve, and that is one of the real strengths of our partnership with them.”
- Jonathan Dale, Assistant Director of Online Learning, National College for School Leadership

What it costs

Learning as a Service

BT Learning Solutions support both open source systems as licensed learning systems hosted in our secure data centres. Pricing is based on a full service and per user. As we identify the business requirements first we offer solutions to meet our customers demand. Depending on the customer this can be based on open source software or licensed software.

We also offer consultancy service to manage the benefit of technology enhanced learning. An example is the quickstart where out learning consultants work with the customer for two days and identify the optimisation areas, create a plan and a high level business case

More reasons to buy

We power some of Europe’s largest e-learning programmes

With 20 years of experience, BT is a leading practitioner of e-learning, both for ourselves and for customers.

Our track record
We host some of the largest e-learning programmes in Europe including the Defence Learning Portal for the UK Ministry of Defence, which supports over 200,000 personnel worldwide.

We practice what we preach
BT was an early adopter of flexible working and e-learning and today delivers 85 per cent of formal training online to more than 100,000 employees. We have gone further and encourage informal learning through a set of internal blogs, wikis and other ways for employees to share what they know and learn from each other. Our Route2Learn portal offers 3,000 courses for online delivery covering everything from technical training for engineers to eye tests for drivers, skills training for managers, and adherence tone legislation around bribery and corruption.

We reduce your risk
Through our professional services approach, we will fully understand your learning requirements in order to build a learning environment that will work for your organisation. Our managed service takes responsibility for your e-learning infrastructure and delivers to agreed service levels, reducing your operational risk. Our flexible commercial packages reduce financial uncertainty.

We are a leader in learning and development
BT is a key partner in various initiatives on the UK skills agenda, including talentmap®, a business-led framework developed by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills to help employers get comprehensive information and support in boosting the skills of their workforce.

Technical specifications

Learning solutions to suit your specific needs

BT Learning Solutions will help you to maximise the potential of e-learning for your organisation, from meeting statutory requirements to enterprise-wide knowledge sharing to full integration with your HR and back-office systems.

If you are starting your e-learning journey, we can define a roadmap linking learning to wider organisational goals. If you have already invested in e-learning, we can help you improve effectiveness and adoption, and measure the return on your investment.

We create a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), where your employees can access your courses and training resources via a single portal. The portal also enables automatic tracking and monitoring of training activities so your HR teams have comprehensive performance and management reports.

BT hosts your virtual learning environment (VLE) at one of its data centres. As a fully managed service, we take full responsibility for the IT and network infrastructure, including upgrades and maintenance, so that you are free to focus on content, administration and outcomes. And our ‘software as a service’ option allows you to introduce e-learning with minimal capital expenditure.

Integrating e-learning with HR and other processes will allow you to maintain consistent recordkeeping across the organisation, personalise the user experience and uncover new talent. At every stage, we can help you objectively assess the return on your e-learning investment to ensure you fully realise all its benefits.


Available globally

BT Learning Solutions is available globally.


Solutions based on commercial and open source platforms.

BT has e-learning solutions based on both commercial and open source platforms.

BT’s Learning Management Service (LMS) is based on Saba’s industry-leading learning environment and our Course Management System (CMS) is based on the popular Moodle open source application.



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