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The benefits

Why do you need a managed wireless LAN?

As the way people use technology changes, the wireless LAN (WLAN) is becoming critical. The explosion of tablets and laptops is causing a huge drain on wireless networks.

A lot of people who use tablets don’t use a SIM card or work off a 3G / 4G network, they rely on using WiFi to make it happen. The end user doesn’t care how it works, they just want it to happen and be able to get connectivity on their devices to be able to use the tools and applications they need.

More and more people are also bringing their own devices (BYOD) into the workplace, which is having an impact on the network.

BT research tells us that 60 of IT managers believe smart devices have helped productivity in their organisations, but 56 of organisations have also noticed a dip in performance of some applications due to the increased demand on bandwidth.

What are the benefits?

You can give your staff access to the tools and resources they need with no wires and no fuss, thanks to our managed wireless network service.

Your people will have easy access to your LAN over a wireless connection so they’re no longer tied to their desks and can access the network wherever they are in the building.

Benefits include:

  • Flexible working – people can access the network from meeting rooms, desks or even the office canteen
  • Time saved managing and maintaining the network we’ll do it all for you
  • Increased productivity – people will get fast access to the tools and applications they need and can quickly and easily share documents to help improve collaboration
  • Customers and guests – you can overlay guest access to allow people coming to your premises connectivity

The BT managed wireless LAN solution enables you to use wireless networking to create a more flexible working environment plus the network infrastructure to increase business agility. All whilst ensuring the integrity and security of the data, including the stringent needs of convergent security bodies.

Connectivity really is key and we can help with this challenge. The wireless network is a real key factor in ensuring maximum efficiency and flexibility for people going forward.

When customers are delighted with a service they seldom ask how it’s delivered. That’s actually the way it should be. BT Global Services, Cisco Services, and LOCOG knew exactly how to deliver a record-beating wireless network. And that made everyone very happy.”
- Gerry Pennell, CIO, LOCOG                 

What it costs

The price of the service depends on your requirements, to get a quote click on the ‘Get a Quote’ button or speak to your account manager.

We have a number of offers and commercial options, combined with a vendor agnostic approach, which can help drive the right commercial offer for your organisations

More reasons to buy

We’ll save you time by taking care of installing and managing your wireless LAN.

As part of BT’s managed wireless LAN solution we offer:

  • Guest access solutions so you can allow visitors and temporary staff access to your WiFi
  • Security policy approval
  • Installation and Project Management carried out by us
  • Maintenance to make sure your network runs smoothly
  • Remote Fault Management to ensure fast, convenient solutions to any problems
  • Configuration Management to help you get more from your network
  • A vendor agnostic CPE solution from Cisco & Avaya - giving you the choice of who to use
  • A comprehensive Radio Frequency Site Survey – to make you get the best from your WILAN
  • A Wireless LAN Health Check
  • An Intrusion Detection System assessment for added security

We also have lots of additional services to help you get the true potential out of your wireless LAN and really personalise your customer and guest’s experience.

As BT:

  • We can deliver a solution tailored to your needs - from simple wireless connectivity to sophisticated device and device location aware capabilities
  • We are a leader in Gartner’s, Global Network Service Provider Magic Quadrant, 2014
  • BT LAN Connect Global – supports 1,000 customers LAN Infrastructure globally
  • We are a market leading service provider for our Connect Applications portfolio with 6,000 managed endpoints in 90 countries

Our secure networking experience includes monitoring more than 300,000 customer devices from our 12 Security Operations Centres around the world 

Technical specs

There are several steps to deploying your managed wireless LAN.

1. Planning your strategy

No two networks are identical, so our first task is to gather data to gain an understanding of your network environment.

We then produce a detailed report on your existing environment and any LAN infrastructure. This can be tailored to your specific business needs and can include:

A WLAN infrastructure inventory detailing all aspects of your WLAN infrastructure including hardware, software and radio frequency environments.

A business driver summary identifying needs such as increased collaboration, building moves or rationalisation, or adding remote workers.

A migration summary. This outlines the steps you need to take to get from your existing infrastructure to a wireless LAN network, including future-proof security measures. It may include:

  • deploying network access points
  • rationalising switch ports
  • upgrading equipment
  • revising management solutions
  • adding resilience
  • consolidating points of the network
  • supporting network access for guests

To make sure your business needs are met, a BT technical consultant will be available to discuss gathering technical data and to lead you through a migration strategy.

2. Installation and configuration

Once you’ve decided on a strategy, our planning and design services will:

  • carry out in-depth surveys of your estate
  • create a detailed design, fully aligned with your network security policy

BT implementation services will then install and configure your network.

3. When you’re up and running

When the network is fully operational, we can help boost your business processes by providing ongoing management and maintenance.


BT Wireless LAN is available to customers globally.

Our managed wireless LANs can help, whether you want to:

  • implement a WLAN as a new network infrastructure
  • extend a current LAN, for example, to facilitate remote working
  • address security concerns, whether or not you have an existing private WLAN

We supply flexible, scalable managed wireless LANs globally to:

  • large, small and medium-sized businesses
  • financial service providers
  • government departments
  • healthcare institutions
  • organisations that need controlled access to customer or company data

Service Level Agreement

BT standard terms and conditions apply. If you require further information on BT’s current prices or terms and conditions then please contact your account manager.