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The benefits

Operational efficiency

BT Port Solutions offer a comprehensive suite of IT software, information and communications technologies (ICT) that optimise port operations and enable the integrated management of activities at the quay, yard and gate.

With nearly 90% of international trade carried by sea, ports represent a critical link in the global supply chain. Yet planning, moving and tracking the huge numbers of containers that pass through them is easier said than done—requiring terminal operators to manage a complex matrix of variables and parameters.

BT’s CTROMS (incorporating PortsPortal) and TEMMS give the Terminal Operator a competitive edge by enabling faster processing of containers, maximising the usage of berth space and improving the utilisation of container handling equipment.

BT can also provide customised software modules and training solutions to meet the unique needs of any port operation. BT’s “complete-solution” approach with CTROMS, TEMMS and BT Connectivity & customised solutions can increase revenue, reduce costs and position your terminal processes to meet the challenges of growth.

What it costs

What it costs

The BT Port Solutions team can help scope out your business and operations software and ICT requirements to develop the ROI business case to deploy BT solutions.

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More reasons to buy

A comprehensive suite of operations and IT solutions

The BT Ports team has over 16 years experience in developing solutions for port and terminal operations.

Port Solutions provides answers today to the ICT operational and business challenges faced by Terminal operators.  Our solutions enhance operational efficiency and asset optimisation while enabling real time reporting and operations management, data sharing and communications within the terminal itself and with members of the approved ports community.

Technical specifications

Container Terminal Resources Optimization System (CTROMS)

CTROMS provides the terminal operator with a single, integrated system for planning and managing activities across berth, yard and gate. Accurate, automated billing functionality ensures that chargeable services are captured and invoiced as they occur. User-defined business rules enable the optimisation of discrete but interrelated tasks. Additionally, a centralised control system with optional B2B e-commerce module provides powerful reporting capabilities.

Terminal Engineering Maintenance and Management System (TEMMS)

TEMMS enables the scheduling and management of engineering and maintenance for asset uptime and compliance with safety regulations. Integrates with CRTOMS to minimise the disruption to terminal operations caused by planned and unplanned downtime.

Bespoke software solutions

We an provide you with custom software solutions for your organisation ranging from transhipment management, container job sequencing, vessel throughput analysis and ‘reefercare’. 

For information on these and other terminal software development solutions, please contact your BT Account Manager for further details.


Available globally

Port Solutions is available globally. Please contact your BT Account Manager for further details.