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BT One Voice expenses

Cut your mobile costs by up to 30 per cent.

Control costs, make the most of your internal systems, and manage usage levels with BT One Voice expenses, our telecoms expense management (TEM) solution for large organisations.

BT One Voice expenses benefits

Pay less on the right tariff. We’ll help you find the best tariff from your mobile supplier. This can help save between 5 and 20 per cent.

Only pay for what you use. We’ll make sure the invoices from your mobile operators reflect what you’re really using. If we find you’ve been charged too much, we’ll help you claim the money back. This often saves between 5 and 10 per cent.

Easier auditing, ordering and service. Not got an accurate list of all the mobile hardware you look after? We’ll help you create a global inventory. With an accurate list, you’ll be in a better position to cut costs, simplify your systems and give end users what they need more quickly.

Save time as well as money. We can manage your suppliers, analyse costs, make sure your policies are compliant, process orders for kit, and support your users to reduce pressure on your team. You’ll be more efficient because you won’t be spending as much time and money in-house.

Be ready for the future. Support your organisation as technology moves on. Use the expertise of our helpdesk teams to support your mobile employees using a range of devices, applications and services.

We chose BT as our primary global mobility governance supplier because of their reactivity, flexibility and ability to fully understand our local and global requirements.” …. “BT One Voice expenses is the telecom expense management solution that best meets our needs. We think we have chosen the right partner to help us implement strong corporate mobility policies and control and predict our mobile spending.”
- Thor Grefslie, Global Telecommunication and Network Sourcing Manager at CGG.

Telecom expense management specifications

Quick Start
Projects usually begin with a Quick Start consulting package. We run a workshop to analyse what’s important to your business, what’s working well now, and what your priorities are. We then do a more detailed health-check to look at your mobile contracts, tariffs, inventory and use data.

After we assess your mobile comms, our core service includes:

Everything to do with invoices: sorted. We take care of invoices from your mobile operators, from when you get them to when you pay them. We check everything in fine detail so you don’t have to: we’ll audit your invoices every quarter to check everything adds up. Are your users on the right tariffs? And are the operators charging you correctly for those tariffs? We’ll sniff out duplicate charges or charges for obsolete accounts. All the details go into a database so you can see everything via our website. For invoices that don’t turn up, we chase them so you’re not landed with late payment fees. Then we make sure all the information goes to the right cost centres so it’s easy for your accounting system.

Easy ordering and inventory. We’ll put your mobile policies and a catalogue of your equipment and tariffs into an ordering portal. Your users can then order what they need, you approve it, we order it, and users can track what’s happening with their order. We’ll also work with you to create a data feed from your HR applications so we can keep the details about your users up to date.

See who’s using what. We use data from invoices and call records to create online reports on how much you’re spending. They’ll show you who’s spending the most (and least) and what kinds of calls they’re making, including roaming and premium rate calls. If you like, you can also create custom reports and charts, and share the information with individual users so they can see their own or their teams’ spending. With data this visible, you can monitor and measure who’s using what and motivate your users to keep their bills down.

Rely on our expertise. Need more help with your mobile comms? Take advantage of our services and expertise. For example, we can help you improve your mobile policy and get everyone onboard. Or help you find the best tariffs and move users to different contracts. All you need to do is ask.

Available globally

BT One Voice expenses is available around the world in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.



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Bring your mobility costs under control

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