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Sustainability. It makes a world of difference.

Climate change is accelerating. So governments are taking action to cut emissions. More and more, legislation will demand that your business reports on – and cuts – its carbon footprint.
At the same time, the world’s population is growing – it’s expected to hit nine billion by 2045. That means more demand on natural resources that are already scarce. This demand will push the price of the raw materials on which your business depends even higher.

Then there are your customers, shareholders and investors. Your customers are becoming more aware of climate issues, so they want to buy from sustainable companies. Your shareholders and investors want you to be more environmentally responsible to attract new investment and get better returns.

The answer to all these challenges is simple. Become more sustainable.

IT is a great place to start. Sustainable IT cuts your energy consumption, carbon emissions and inefficiencies. Meaning a healthier bottom line, happier shareholders and more satisfied customers.

The Sustainable IT Consulting service from BT Advise helps you identify how and where sustainable IT can improve your business performance.

Better performance through sustainability

Sustainability can’t be ignored. And the challenges it brings are increasing.  Climate change, government legislation and pressure from customers, shareholders and investors mean that your business needs to act. Now.

The BT Advise Sustainable IT Consulting service will help you:

  • identify opportunities to improve performance and find effective ways to cut emissions, cut costs and improve efficiency. For example, BT’s own internal energy management services save us more than £18m every year in energy costs.
  • meet your business challenges with tailor-made solutions to help you get the most out of being a sustainable business.
  • meet the highest sustainability standards. 
  • Over the last 20 years, we’ve learned a lot about sustainability. In fact we’ve become a sustainability leader, making our own organisation more efficient in the process. Now we can help you do the same.
  • Here’s an overview of what we have been doing:
  • reduced our operating costs by £1.8 billion, our energy bill by £17m and our headcount by over 20,000
  • avoided £111 million worth of travel and associated expenses in just 12 months by using BT One’s conferencing services.
  • enabled more than 70,000 BT employees to work flexibly
  • replaced approximately 3.500 independent legacy systems with 14 state-of-the-art generic platforms.

Our track record speaks for itself:

  • rated 92 per cent in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  • sustainability leader in the FTSE4GOOD ESG rating, with a score of 96 per cent
  • top-ranking Telecommunications and IT company in the UK CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, with a score of 95 per cent and ranked 44th out of 2,103 companies
  • sector leader in the Carbon Disclosure Project’s 2012 FTSE 350 Disclosure Leadership Index, with a score of 88 per cent
  • sixth overall and top telecommunications company in the 2012 Green Rankings of Global 500 companies
  • leader in the European and US Green Quadrant for Sustainable Telecoms
  • the first company in the world to have its carbon footprint independently verified by the Carbon Trust to the GHG Protocol Product Standard
  • named in the Vigeo league table as the company most committed to social, environmental and governance practices on a global scale.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Read the UK's Kent County Council case study and find out how BT’s MeetMe audio conferencing service cut their carbon emissions by around 400 tCO2 every year and cut its costs by £750,000 each year.

A sustainability strategy specific to you

Our BT Advise Sustainable IT Consultants can assess your current IT infrastructure and business operations and identify ways in which you can leverage IT to become more sustainable. We will:

  • determine how sustainable your existing IT infrastructure is across the business
  • identify the gap between where you are now and where you’d like – or need – to be in the future
  • recommend actions, products and services to help you become more efficient and save money, for example cutting travel through the use of BT One’s conferencing services and enabling more of your workforce to work flexibly

The outcomes:

A clear understanding of where opportunities exist within your business to improve your sustainability, cut costs and improve your efficiency, through the deployment of IT.

Why BT Advise professional services?

People facing challenges in their business just like you have chosen to work us because we are trusted advisors, with a broad depth of knowledge, expertise and experience.

We make recommendations and design and deliver the right solutions that will make your business even more efficient and successful.

We offer:

  • Tailored solutions that meet your needs
  • Dedicated teams of experts, using award-winning analytics
  • Stakeholder engagement to deliver the right solutions for your business
  • On-going support, to ensure you get the best ROI
  • Independent expertise. We work with a range of technology vendors.