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BT Private Line Services equip your business with its own private network for transferring data, voice and video communications between geographically dispersed sites. They provide you with a highly reliable point-to-point connection that is not shared with any other users. This stops unauthorised parties from being able to access your information, enabling you to transfer large volumes of sensitive information with confidence.

Key benefits

Secure connection, predictable costs

Private Line Services deliver the performance you require, regardless of the amount and type of traffic you need to send. They equip you with a fast, secure and reliable communications network that is flexible and scalable enough to meet your individual needs. Your sites are connected using permanent digital circuits that are not shared by any other customers. This eliminates the possibility of others accessing your information and sets Private Line Services apart from public networks. The extra level of security makes it an ideal service for transferring confidential information.

We offer a simple price structure for all countries within the BT network, giving you full visibility into the costs of your national and international connectivity. Budgeting is made easy as the service is competitively priced at a fixed rental, with no variable costs – so you don't need to worry about usage costs. It can also deliver significant cost savings if you presently use the public network for transferring large volumes of voice and data between sites.

Key features and benefits

Private Line Services offer you:

  • A tailored service: you can connect your sites at speeds ranging from 64 Kbit/s up to 10 Gbit/s, and as it is a dedicated service you won’t share bandwidth with anyone.
  • Network reliability: in the unlikely event that an active path fails, traffic is routed via a "protection" path – single failures on the BT network won't cause a fault on your line.
  • Multiple traffic types: the fast and reliable service allows you to send any combination of voice, data and video communications on a single line.
  • Always-on connectivity: the connections linking your sites are permanent, ensuring there is no need to establish a connection every time information is transferred.
  • Global network coverage: by using BT’s extensive global network, our Private Line Services enable you to meet your diverse needs, connecting your operations both in-country and internationally.
  • Fixed round-trip delay with low jitter rates: dedicated routing limits the need to buffer data and enables a faster throughput data rate. This is route-dependent and can change under restoration conditions.
  • Continuous network monitoring: our service is constantly monitored by BT’s comprehensive Network Management Centres, enabling us to solve any network issues with minimum disruption to your business.
  • Service level agreements (SLAs): our comprehensive SLAs offer rebates for late delivery or low availability.
  • Service reporting: BT offers you a reporting facility that details service delivery and service performance. Reports are delivered on customer request.
  • Support when you need it: Private Line Services are supported by the BT Customer Service Centre 24/7, enabling you to receive help both during and after normal office hours.

Detailed description

A dedicated connection between sites

Private Line Services enable you to transfer data, voice and video communications between two or more locations. They provide you with your own dedicated line that is not shared by other users, protecting your data from being accessed by unauthorised parties. The service offers you connectivity to more than 100 countries worldwide and consists of two key offerings; Private Line and Private Line Connect.

Private Line

This service effectively provides you with your own private network. It connects your locations using secure "always-on" digital connections. This makes it possible for you to instantly share information and transfer data between sites – whenever required – without compromising the integrity or privacy of the data. In the unlikely event that a connection fails, the circuit is automatically re-routed to minimise any disruption. This means that single failures on the BT network won’t cause a fault on your line.

Private Line is suitable for carrying all types of traffic and you can choose from a number of bandwidths – enabling you to interconnect your sites at speeds ranging from 64 Kbit/s up to 10 Gbit/s. This makes it the ideal service if you need to regularly transfer large volumes of sensitive or confidential information.

The service offers you a dedicated circuit solely provided by BT, in most cases using our own national and international infrastructure and even local access where it exists. This means you benefit from dealing with one carrier with one bill, one contract and one point of contact.

Private Line Connect

This service delivers international private circuits between major cities around the world, normally using the UK as a distribution hub. It provides you with digital point-to-point circuits that are available 24/7. The service offers connectivity across more than 10,000 route combinations and is highly reliable –data, voice and video are carried at high speed directly across your own dedicated and secure link.

As opposed to Private Line, which uses BT's own international infrastructure, with Private Line Connect we work with our partners to deliver service end to end. The service is provided using either fibre subsea cables, satellite or a mix depending upon route. We can offer speeds of between 64kbps and 622Mbps. Depending on the chosen partner provider, we offer a choice of three possible commercial options:

  • Half Circuit: as the service is jointly provided with a partner, you have two contracts, an agreement with BT and a separate agreement with the partner on their terms, to cover both halves of the circuit.
  • One-Stop Shopping: this option offers you a single point of contact for ordering, billing and fault reporting. You still need to sign two separate contracts to cover each half of the international circuit, but we liaise with the partner on your behalf to place the order and arrange invoicing.
  • Full Circuit: where this option is available, BT can provide you with a single contract for the full service.

Technical specifications

Private Line Services use the BT network to help you transfer voice, data, and video. It offers you:

Access options

Private Line Services require access to the BT network. You can choose how you want to access the network. The main types of access are:

  • BT-owned fibre access infrastructure
  • Other licensed operator (OLO) access

Please note that not all access options are available in every country.

Network availability

The Private Line Services’ network availability can go as high as 99.99 per cent, depending on the type of service, the resilience and protection of the service and the location. Target availability for the international core network is 99.85 per cent.

Service level agreements

The main features of the service level agreements for Private Line Services are:

  • On-time delivery: BT agrees that the supplied elements of the service will be provided by the agreed date. If we fail, BT offers a rebate of one day’s rental for every day late.
  • Service availability: BT agrees service availability for the BT-supplied elements of the service. For low monthly availability, based on priority one faults, BT offers a rebate of one day’s rental for every hour of downtime after the applicable threshold (depending on route).

Who should buy


Private Line Services are ideal for international organisations that need to share information and data between geographically dispersed sites, and those looking for high-quality network performance to support worldwide voice, video and data applications.

They provide you with a dedicated network that is not accessible by anyone else, to offer a level of security unmatched by public networks. This makes it suitable for organisations needing to transfer confidential or sensitive information such as those in the finance, IT, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, government or banking industry sectors.

Private Line Services can also handle large volumes of traffic without delays, making it an effective network solution if you have high bandwidth requirements, such as media companies, carriers, mobile operators or Internet service providers.



Private Line Services offer you national network coverage in many European countries including Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK. They also provide you with connectivity across more than 10,000 routes worldwide, including:

  • All major business cities in Europe, with more than 200 cities on our own infrastructure.
  • Points of Presence (POPs) in 50 major US cities, and coverage in all states except Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Full Circuit service in 30 countries, including eight key economies in Asia, with inter-regional circuits supported in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines and New Zealand.
  • Coverage in 12 countries in the Middle East, five countries in North Africa and 22 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Private Line Services support almost every type of application, including those that are mission-critical and time-sensitive. Typical applications include:

  • Linking host computers
  • Video conferencing
  • Bank transfers
  • Inventory control systems
  • High-speed data transmission
  • Security video systems
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) / computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
  • Internet protocol (IP) applications
  • Local area network (LAN) -to-LAN interconnection
  • Internal voice private networks
  • Audio conferencing
  • Public switched telephone network (PSTN) breakout
  • Interconnection of digital private branch exchanges (PBXs)

Why BT

Communicate globally with confidence

We are one of the most experienced providers of private network services in the world. Our Private Line Services enable you to effectively transfer information between geographically dispersed business operations while providing a greater level of security and reliability than using public networks.

BT Private Line Services have the flexibility to adapt to your individual situation, offering global coverage over the core BT network with virtually unlimited availability of unreserved bandwidth. Our services have the capability to fulfil all your communications needs, with the ability to carry voice, data and video across a single connection.

The services combine our local expertise within each country with international expertise and the high performance of the centrally managed BT network. Your circuits are supported, monitored and maintained by a field force operating to the highest international standards and drawing on a wealth of telecoms experience.

We offer a single point of contact for contracting, customer faults and billing issues, as well as access to service support 365 days a year. To reinforce our commitment to maximum customer service we provide service level agreements (SLA) backed by financial penalties if we fail to perform to expectations.