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The benefits

Cut costs but keep quality high

In countries where our network is a long way from your offices you can still have short, standard ‘last mile’ connections by using our partners’ networks. With Reach-In network-to-network interconnections (NNI) you’ll still get MPLS technology. And that means keeping all your offices in the fold with full access to your most important applications.

Pay less
Because reach-in NNIs keep the distance to the in-country provider’s network short, you’ll find the costs are lower than long lines to our nodes.

Cut downtime
A secure infrastructure with incidents handled continuously means you’ll keep downtime and disruption to a minimum.

Get connected fast
We’ll get your connections up and working quickly and efficiently, so you’ll soon be reaping the rewards of better operational efficiency.

Make management simpler
You’ll get the benefits of a single global network, even for offices in countries with stringent regulatory limitations or long distances to BT nodes. That includes our Classes of Service, Service Level Agreements, help desk and reporting, making things easy to manage. With Reach-In, each site appears like any other site in your global network.

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What is costs

What it costs

The price structure for a Reach-In VPN site is the same as any other connection to your virtual private network. A monthly flat fee covers the port, access and a router. All other costs are covered, including local network partner, equipment and gateways to your virtual private network. And because the fee’s predictable, your budgeting’s easier.

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Technical specs

Extend key applications to hard-to-reach sites

The corporate private VPN networks that cover most of your company sites offer Classes of Service and SLAs to make sure your most important applications get the performance they need. With Reach-In NNI’s you can extend those applications to remote offices in hard-to-reach locations in selected countries. Though we provide Reach-In NNIs through third parties, we still manage the services.

  • Extensive in-country reach: you can connect your premises to any of our in-country partner’s nodes.
  • High performance: the in-country service is an MPLS-based private service with all the features and quality assurance you’d expect. We control the connection end-to-end and use monitoring tools to restore any interruptions immediately.
  • Classes of Service: we match the local provider’s Classes of Service with our own, so you get the same experience everywhere. The number of Classes of Service may depend on the characteristics of the in-country service.
  • SLAs:  we define the rebates you get under the SLA so they’re consistent across your global network. But the service levels will depend on the country.
  • Reporting: our tools create all your process and performance reports so you get consistent reporting for all your company sites through your existing account on our customer portal.
  • Cost control: Reach-In NNI’s make financial sense because you can use all the in-country provider’s Points-of-Presence to connect your office.
  • Resilience: you can connect each company office to the network according to our access resilience options using two CPEs, two access lines or two in-country nodes.


Availability in over 30 countries

We offer Reach-In Network Interconnects in countries where a qualified partner can offer considerably cheaper connections to your office with the high quality and service features you need.

Service Level Agreement

Great service or you pay less

We aim for service availability of up to 99.9 per cent depending on the country, the partner and the resilience you choose. Our service level agreement, covering the components we manage, means you get credits on your account if we don’t meet our commitments.