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High performance connectivity to Microsoft cloud services

When your organisation needs high performance connectivity to Microsoft Azure, our Cloud Connect Direct service is the intelligent choice.  Cloud Connect Direct gives you the MPLS connection between BT’s IP Connect MPLS IP VPN service and Microsoft ExpressRoute for Azure.

The Cloud and Microsoft Azure is becoming a foundation of the way we work today, so you need a network connection that gives you all the benefits of cloud with the comfort of connectivity you can depend on.  BT IP Connect with Microsoft ExpressRoute for Azure gives you:

  • Consistent, high performance.  With IP Connect’s ExpressRoute connection to Azure, your connectivity is over a private MPLS network and managed end to end.  So you get the consistent predictable performance your business needs and you can rely on especially for real and near time applications.
  • Simpler security.  Unlike internet based connections, IP Connect with Microsoft ExpressRoute is a private connection end to end.  So improving security and making it simpler and easier to manage.
  • Move faster.  As a direct private connection between Microsoft Azure and your own IP Connect network, you can build on your existing network architecture taking advantage of pre provisioned infrastructure to deliver the service and realise the benefits faster.
  • Save money.  As you work with larger datasets and your volume of transactions increase, you can realise cost advantages of MPLS connections compared to the internet.
  • Improved control with an integrated managed service.  As the end to end solution managed by BT and Microsoft,  you will get the benefit from two leading organisations who are leaders in  their respective fields 
  • Global coverage. Leveraging BT’s global network footprint we will be offering connections to Azure in Europe, Asia Pac and North America, providing a consistent method of connecting to Azure globally


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