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The benefits

 Connect reliably to our network around the world 

When you want to connect sites and need good performance, but other access technologies either aren’t available or aren’t up to standard, leased lines are a great choice.

 Connect from  almost everywhere 
Leased lines have been around for a long time, so they’re available almost everywhere. If you can’t get the latest ADSL or Ethernet access at your site, you’re almost certain to get a leased line.

Get great performance
Leased lines are yours and yours alone, so you get very high performance. They’re symmetrical so you get the same speed upstream and down, which makes them ideal for voice.  

Scale up when you need to
Depending on your VPN or internet service, leased lines are available at speeds from 128Kbps to 155Mbps, so they can meet most of your needs.

Resilience to suit you
You can choose resilience according to how important each of your sites is. You could use two premises equipment devices, two access lines to the network or two Points-of-Presence in our network. Depending on the country and access, we can guarantee availability up to 99.99 per cent.

What it costs

What it costs

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Any access to the BT VPN service consists of a monthly flat fee for the port, the access and a router. All other costs are covered. So you don’t have to bother about costs for local providers, equipment and encryption connections to your virtual private network. And because the fee’s predictable, your budgeting is easier.


Available around the world

Leased lines are available all over the world 

Service Level Agreement

Great service or you pay less

Leased Line access is a very reliable way of connecting your office to the network. Depending on the country and the resilience you choose, our target for service availability is 99.99 per cent.

Our Service Level Agreement means that if we don’t meet our target, you get credits to your account.