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The benefits

An affordable connection and fully managed by BT

Let your office-based workers around the world access your IT infrastructure through the internet. Using any internet connection, they can connect securely to your existing corporate VPN. And that means you can concentrate on putting processes and applications at their fingertips without worrying about managing complex “do-it-yourself” connections.

Get connected fast
Linking new locations across the globe to your corporate network is quick and easy.

Extra back-up 
Hybrid VPN is great for connecting remote sites when the usual access is too difficult or expensive. But your main sites can also use it as a budget-saving back-up for existing network connections.

Cut your costs
Hybrid VPN access is lower-priced than traditional, dedicated network access options.

Make management simpler 
Because we manage your connections for you, your in-house IT specialists can concentrate on your most important applications instead of managing time-wasting “do-it-yourself” access. We manage equipment at your office, as well as the local internet service provider, the security features and the gateway to your IP VPN.

What it costs

What it costs

The price structure for a Hybrid VPN site is the same as any other connection to your virtual private network. A monthly flat fee covers the port, access and a router. All other costs are covered, including local internet providers, equipment, authentication and encryption security or gateways to your virtual private network. And because the fee’s predictable, your budgeting’s easier.

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Technical specs

Reach, security and resilience

Extensive reach
Our IP VPN service is already available in many countries with leased line access, DSL, Ethernet or satellite access. But our Hybrid VPN service reaches further. Our relationships with local providers mean we can offer Hybrid VPN as a fully-managed service in more than 170 countries.

Strong security
Hybrid VPN uses powerful security measures to protect data. They include: IPSec tunneling, IKE (Internet Key Exchange) and AES-128 (Advanced Encryption Standard).

Extra resilience
Hybrid VPN can act as a budget-saving back-up for primary connections to BT MPLS 6CoS or BT iVPN. So sites where high availability is vital get extra resilience, which you can bring in using either one or two routers on the premises. With one router the availability may go up to 99.85 per cent and with two it may reach 99.9 per cent.

High service levels
We’ll give you a 24/7service desk to help deal with incidents in real time, using relationships with local providers where we need to. You’ll also get a single, consolidated invoice showing all the parts of the service including premises router, local ISP and BT MPLS 6CoS or BT iVPN costs. Using a nearby gateway to the network means that you cut down on latency and get the best possible performance.

Choice of ISP
Hybrid VPN is all about choice. We prefer to choose and manage a suitable internet connection for you, but you can stay with your current ISP.

Local access technologies
We’ll choose the most suitable access technology for the speed and performance you want. In most cases the connection from your office to the internet is based on DSL technologies. But if DSL isn’t available or cost effective then we’ll look at other technologies based on leased lines, 3G Mobile, WiMax wireless or satellite. In all cases we’ll take care of subscriptions, equipment and configurations.


Available in more than 170 countries

We offer Hybrid VPN in countries where we have a good relationship with qualified local providers for the internet access and equipment (a router) on your premises.

Service Level Agreement

Great service

We aim for service availability of up to 99.85 per cent, and with two routers it’s up to 99.9 per cent.