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BT Contact personalised video

Improve Sales and Customer Service

Create and deliver concise, information-rich videos, completely unique and personalised to your individual customers.

Sometimes, you need to see it to believe it. Take a look at one of these video examples:

Your customers are pressed for time, so you will get better engagement when you create individual personalised videos that they can view on most internet connected devices - PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphone – even internet TV, whether they are on the move, at home, or in the office.

Increased levels of engagement means improved sales and customer Service
The customer’s personal profile and data are integrated into the video and that’s what makes the message compelling and useful for your customer.

You can even capture data from an online form and use it in the video.

End the video with a call to action that can be activated directly from within the video or your webpage - and offer them a channel of choice to reach your, contact centre, web chat, voice or video.

A cloud service with no capital costs
BT Contact Personalised Video is delivered as a service meaning there is no capital investment in on-site equipment. Our automated service interface can allow you to integrate it with your CRM systems or web pages.

Improve customer communication
Deliver the information your customers need and want in a format that’s easily consumable — wherever they are. It’s useful in explaining complex products, like pensions or insurance, in an easily understandable way.

Reduce customer service calls
Delivering information clearly in a video format can cut down on calls to helpdesks by up to 30 per cent. A good example would be customer on-boarding, where first bill queries can generate a large number of calls.

Increase sales
By customising offers to individuals, you will see a greater number of customers taking up your offer or clicking through to more information. Conversion rates can increase six fold over direct mail.

Retain customer loyalty through excellent service
Giving your customers the right information at the right time increases their confidence in your service and trust in your brand.

Meet Corporate & Social Responsibility obligations
Videos can be used to explain information to customers who have difficulties with traditional printed documentation. Sub titles can be included and different languages can be accommodated.

Multiple applications
There are multiple applications for personalised video. It’s applicable to any scenario where you need to communicate with your customers in a concise and innovative way.

  • Welcome your new customers
  • Monthly statements
  • Special offers
  • Re ordering your services
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Annual Reports
  • Customer specific milestones e.g. birthdays

A cloud service; available globally

Our service is offered from the cloud and is available globally. As BT Contact personalised video is delivered over the internet, it can be delivered to anyone with internet access — wherever they are. You control the service over the internet, so it doesn’t matter where your systems are based. Our service is based on servers located in the EU and no personal data will be transferred or stored outside the EU.

Built for volume
This service is built for mass-production of personalised videos, typically sending hundreds of thousands of videos, to provide you with a low per video cost and getting the maximum value from your up-front creative costs. Where you want to make a commitment to an annual service we can offer you a discount package to match.

We never take security shortcuts. We ensure that any customer data you give to us will be protected and properly managed while it is with us, and that customer data will be securely deleted once used.

One Time Set up
The first step involves digital creative services to create an animated graphics or movie template. The choice is yours, work with your own digital creative agency or via BT’s personalised video partners Idomoo. Templates are created using the industry standard Adobe After-Effects software.

Because costs vary greatly for a basic animation sequence or something comparable to a TV advertisement with live actors, if you engage us to do the work we will give you a quotation for each new template you require.

You’ll need to integrate your customer specific CRM information. While you’ll probably want to manage your data and integration yourself, we can assist you with a professional services package, to get the data securely prepared.

Planning Assistance
We can assist with planning — we know how to deliver maximum impact on customer care, loyalty or marketing goals. We can also help you decide the best distribution channels and activities you might use to raise the profile of the personal video, such as integrated email, advertising or web promotions.

Video production
You have the choice of publishing and sending out thousands of videos in batch production.This offers the lowest cost of publishing but relies on the recipient opening and viewing the video.

You can also generate the video in near real time, and here you will only be paying when your customer accesses the video. You will chose the route which best suits your estimate of the invitation-to-view ratio , which often depends on the distribution channels you are using.

Flexible Commercials
If you want to have the capability to run multiple near real time campaigns or statements throughout the year, we can accommodate alternative flat rate payment options. We will be happy to discuss this with you on an individual basis to help you chose the best commercial model for you.

Personalised videos are delivered to your customers as per your or their preference - via email, to mobile phones (via SMS, MMS or mobile application) or to any web destination. You will use your own existing system to do this – so you retain control at all times. We can of course, advise you of our best practice recommendations to optimise open rates for your preferred distribution channel.

If you need to store videos over an extended time we can accommodate that with a small charge.

Analytics & Optimisation
Analytics are key to any customer communications and because the web pages and distribution remain firmly within your control, you are free to use whatever you’re existing or preferred analytics service is. We can of course help you with any special code that you require to get the best from your analytics service.

The analytics data you gather can be used to optimise future campaigns, tweak the distribution and maybe even the template itself – to maximise the impact.

You are with strong and creative partners
We have partnered with Idomoo, a company with industry leading video technology and a strong track record in providing personalised video services.

BT supports customers in many countries around the world, routing 10 billion calls a year to contact centre and conferencing sites. We offer range of cloud and on site contact centres with over 52,000 customer agents in 42 countries.

Our contact centres embrace new media channels and offer the latest in contact centre functionality.