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The benefits

Free yourself from terrestrial networks

Get more dependable access to your MPLS network for sites in remote areas, or for workers on the move. With a satellite antenna on your customer premises you can run efficiently in the most isolated places. Offices, manufacturing plants, mines or other sites that used to be at the mercy of non-existent or unreliable terrestrial networks will get the same applications as your head office.

Cut cost, beef up security
With direct access from your remote office to your own global corporate VPN, you’ll avoid expensive site-to-site satellite connections or unsecure internet-based services.

Get reliable service
Availability for satellite access is over 99.85 per cent - higher than many terrestrial networks. So it’ll boost your efficiency and minimise downtime. We can run the service alongside terrestrial connections too so you get the best of both worlds.

Choose your speed and bandwidth
Because you can choose peak speeds, committed information rate (CIR) and bandwidth, you’ll get a service to suit your needs and avoid unnecessary cost. And we can make changes easily without inconveniencing your remote sites.

What it costs

What it costs

Your satellite access enabled site is incorporated into your global MPLS VPN just like any other. You don’t have to bother about costs for satellite service providers, local equipment maintenance or gateways to your virtual private network.  And you get a predictable flat monthly fee, budgeting’s easier.

Pricing will vary depending on where your site is and the speed you want.

For detailed information on pricing, click “Get a quote."

Technical specifications

Service hubs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

BT owned hubs
The service comes from BT-owned iDirect hubs at carrier-class earth station facilities. They’re manned round the clock and give you high resilience against power failure. There’s a helpdesk too, based at BT Madley Communications Centre in the UK. We also have service hubs covering Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Customer antenna equipment
We’ll install a 2.4 metre antenna (smaller in some European locations) which needs a clear view of the satellite, unobstructed by trees or tall buildings. It’s connected with cables (maximum standard length 75m) to an indoor unit.


Available in 55 countries

Our satellite coverage extends across Africa, the Middle East and Europe. We offer satellite access to your MPLS VPN where we don’t have local terrestrial access options.

Service Level Agreements

Great service, or you pay less

We aim for service availability of up to 99.85 per cent, depending on the country and the resilience you choose. Our Service Level Agreement means that if we don’t meet our commitments, you get credits to your account.