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The benefits

Your agile, adaptable, advanced response

More than ever, your customer is king. Tech savvy and resourceful, he or she can interact with you via multiple communication touch points. Whether through webchat, Twitter, SMS, forms, emails, mobile or more, they expect your response to be instant and satisfying. So which technology is right for your contact centre, your back-office efficiency, your customer loyalty and your bottom line?

Whether you are a small or large contact centre, BT Onsite Contact Genesys gives you all-in-one customer service, from a complex bespoke deployment to a solution straight out of the box.

Using software that powers the world’s most advanced contact centres, yet packaged within a template suited to your business, Onsite Contact Genesys hands you full control over your own inbound and outbound customer interactions, leading to a consistently satisfying customer experience and high first call resolution rate.

The reliable, simplified infrastructure features SIP-based intelligent routing, which connects all customer communications and people throughout your enterprise, regardless of the channel on which they arrive.

With minimal set-up in about a month, your agents get advanced tools to capture, process, analyse all customer interactions. Through a simple user interface, you integrate voice, chat, email and other services, with real-time and historical reporting to give insights into your contact centre operations.

It extends customer service across the enterprise, optimising the performance of customer-facing employees. Interactions can be routed directly to the agents best placed to deal with the issue. For outbound campaigns, Onsite Contact Genesys adds value by sorting and prioritising leads, and directing them to the agent with the skills or experience to take them forward.

Delivered as a managed service from BT, you choose the template that best suits your needs, then add functionality as you see fit. A fully bespoke solution from BT and Genesys is also available to serve the most complex needs of the largest contact centre.

This proposition empowers your employees to keep customers positively engaged through outstanding service, while optimising their time. It helps your business grow and your brand stand out.

What it costs

Standard or bespoke pricing - your choice

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More reasons to buy

A strong partnership

From being Genesys’s first UK customer in 1994, BT is today one of its largest strategic partners through an ability to successfully manage global, multi-site contact centre requirements, allowing companies to focus on customer service rather than IT.

BT currently uses a Genesys platform to manage Europe’s largest hosted contact centre

BT’s customer service operations are based on the Genesys Contact Centre Platform, totaling over 22,000 contact centre seats.

Organised by BT into a Genesys Centre of Excellence, over 400 trained Genesys design, professional services and technical support experts are available to bring you the best BT/Genesys resources at all times.

Technical specifications

Making effective customer interaction pay

Our mid market solution is based on Genesys One which saves money by increasing your productivity through better workload management and connecting your valued customers to your most capable advisors. By capturing and processing interactions from all channels - and improving staff accountability - you eradicate costly disputes and complaints. You can expect more income from more effective telemarketing, and fewer premises costs through the flexibility of agent availability.

Once implemented, Genesys One is scalable, open and ready to adapt with you as your business changes. It’s not tied to any specific telephony hardware, and you can easily add web and social channels, high availability, workforce engagement and outbound interactions as needed.

High Availability: technology that delivers maximum uptime during peak periods, ensuring customer dissatisfaction and frustration is kept to a minimum.

Genesys Web Customer Service: unites the various threads of online communication, forming a single, coherent conversation and a rewarding customer experience.

Analytics: allows you to analyse your flow of inbound and outbound interactions, and take measures to make your customer service processes more efficient and effective.

Workforce Management: brings together business-centric information from different contact centre sources to pinpoint problems and identify remedial action whilst effectively managing resources with advanced scheduling capabilities

Social Engagement: ability to monitor your customer’s social media input on the channels they choose, and to respond with the same speed and transparency to encourage engagement and loyalty.

Mobile Engagement: connects your mobile customers to ‘live’ customer service through your own branded, contextual app. And it allows mobile channels to be integrated into your existing cross-channel customer service operations.

Genesys Voice Platform: advanced voice recognition and self-service options open up your business to more customers, no matter what time of day.

Conversation Manager: consolidates multi-channel customer interactions into a seamless, customer conversation to ensure a consistently satisfying customer experience.

Outbound: adds value by sorting and prioritising leads, and directing them to the agent with the skills or experience to take them forward.


BT and Genesys has sales, and technical support offices worldwide and can provide extensive customer care frameworks to BT customer’s needs. We can deliver Genesys One as a standard product in the UK.


Onsite Contact Genesys offer the following capabilities to make it easy for customers to do business with you. And it improves customer loyalty.

Digital Customer Service – Provides one consistent face to the customer one set of tools to manage interactions across all channels

Virtual Customer Service – Reduce customer effort, provide consistent and efficient customer service, and lower cost of ownership.

Dynamic Lead Management – Assess your leads based on specific attributes ensuring the right lead is assigned to the right resource, at the right time; dramatically improving conversion rates.

Enterprise Workload Management Provides accurate forecasting and scheduling of your processes, work-streams and resources, allowing you to deliver a great customer experience as efficiently as possible.



BT Onsite Contact Genesys

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