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The benefits

Reach more customers faster and securely

The BT Radianz Cloud community is made up of many thousands of financial user locations around the world: it’s the largest secure networked financial community in the world. Rather than you having to invest in private point-to-point network connections to reach existing and new customers, the BT Radianz Provider service offers you quick and easy access to that community so that you can distribute your services and applications reliably and securely to more users than ever before, both domestically and internationally.

Your potential customers who are already use the BT Radianz Cloud are able to gain quick access to your service in just a few days. That means that you can fulfil orders faster, generate revenue faster and increase customer satisfaction at the same time – and you can focus on marketing and implementing your services rather than on creating or duplicating network infrastructure.

When rolling out any service, you save considerable time by using a proven global delivery platform that your customers already use themselves. You make it easier for your customers to take on your services and you help them to keep down their costs of implementing and integrating your services, all of which in turn helps to make your services more attractive to customers.

BT manages and maintains the entire delivery path, including all hardware and circuits both on your premises and in your customers’ sites. And it’s service level is designed to deliver at “financial services-strength” and specifically to meet the stringent requirements of the financial community.

With so many thousands of financial user locations around the world being part of the BT Radianz Cloud already, it’s very likely that most of your customers and potential customers are already available to you through our BT Radianz Provider service.

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What it costs

The benefits of a “cloud” approach

Building private links to customers and counterparties has always been an expensive business for both parties involved. Each service provider has had to design, implement and maintain communications technology and at the same time every party that they want to communicate with has had to implement the receiving-end of that technology as well. The more customers and counterparties that you want to deal with, the more complex and resource-intensive that communications technology becomes – whether you’re a provider or a user of services.

By rationalising this approach so that you can reach many or all of your customers and counterparties via a single, reliable and secure infrastructure, not only do you reduce your own operational costs but you can also help to reduce your customers’ operational costs as well. Rather than forcing your customers to implement new technology just to accept the service that you want to offer them, why not let them make even better use of technology themselves – and particularly if they are already members of the BT Radianz Cloud community.

The total cost of ownership of communications for your customers can be doubled if they have to deal with separate private network approaches from each service provider that they want to access. The total cost to your own organisation of building, managing and maintaining a private network is likely to be significantly higher as well.

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More reasons to buy

Increasing operational efficiency

BT Radianz services consolidate all of your client connectivity onto a single, fully-redundant, diversely routed connection, ensuring fast, secure, reliable access to your customers, counterparties and external services for all of your business operations across all of your organisation. It helps you to save money, time, circuits, equipment, maintenance and management.

BT’s engineering team designs and manages all connectivity to ensure that customers have the capacity and resiliency needed. Connectivity is constantly monitored, so as market volumes grow or customer requirements change, BT is able to scale each customer’s connectivity quickly and remotely, with no site visit required. This unique, scalable design allows user of BT Radianz Provider services to connect to new customers and counterparties in just a few days, enabling them to begin generating revenues faster.

With many thousands of member locations around the world accessing hundreds of organisations that deliver thousands of applications and services and that together move vast quantities of data between them, BT supports the largest secure networked financial community in the world. In BT Global Banking & Financial Markets, this is our core business and it’s what we’ve been doing outstandingly since the beginning of the 2000s. We’ve been receiving accolades from our users year-on-year for being the best in the world at what we do - in 2012 alone we were recognised with the following awards:

  • BEST DATA NETWORKING & INFRASTRUCTURE PROVIDER: BT Radianz Cloud – Inside Market Data / Inside Reference Data awards 2012
  • BEST NETWORK PROVIDER: BT Radianz Cloud – Waters Technology Rankings 2012
  • BEST CLOUD PROVIDER TO THE BUY-SIDE: BT Radianz Cloud - Buy-Side Technology awards 2012
  • BEST DATA CENTRE PROVIDER: BT Radianz Proximity/Hosting – Waters Technology Rankings 2012

You may not know that our service is even there and you may not know that your organisation is already a member of the BT Radianz Cloud community – because the service that we deliver works reliably and efficiently, week in, week out.

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Technical specs

A private managed cloud solution

We manage the physical and operational aspects of service delivery, monitoring that your organisation has the access capacity that it needs and working with you on an ongoing basis to make sure that it is right-sized for your business operations. This is a managed service that delivers access to a huge community of members and service providers internationally across all aspects of the financial services sector, and that is designed to a “financial services-strength” service level of 100% availability.


In financial centres internationally

BT network services reach over 170 countries around the world. BT Radianz Provider services are currently available in over 60 countries and this number is growing as the BT Radianz Cloud community expands. For the most current information about the geographical availability of BT Radianz Provider services, Enquire now or contact your BT Account Manager.


Serving the whole financial community

BT Radianz Provider services enable you to reach your customers, counterparties and service providers no matter what part of the financial sector they may be active in, and almost every kind of organisation that uses financial services is part of the BT Radianz Cloud community, including:

  • corporate treasury wanting to access FX trading platforms, banking services and financial market data
  • investment managers wanting to interact with brokers and custodians
  • banks and brokers wanting to trade on exchanges, ECNs and MTFs and access CCPs and CSDs
  • central banks, clearing houses and payment processors that need to access and exchange information and transact with each other
  • market data providers that need to deliver their services to a professional user community.

BT also provides network-centric application services to support this user community, including BT Radianz Messaging for secure, reliable, tamperproof and non-repudiable message exchange.

And BT provides voice–related systems and solutions delivered over the BT Radianz Cloud, including its ITS.Netrix voice trading systems and BT Unified Trading Federation for federated identity management.

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Service Level Agreement


The BT Radianz Provider service is designed from the ground up to deliver a 100% level of service.



BT Radianz Services overview

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BT Radianz Venue Interconnect

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BT Radianz Global FIX Connectivity

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Using the FIX Protocol and BT Radianz services to reach the world’s largest FIX user community

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Meeting the needs of an increasingly regulated environment

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