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Complete field force device solutions

In order to perform effectively in the field, your mobile workforce requires the right selection of mobile devices and responsive support services. BT Field Force Managed Devices provides a fully managed service for your device needs. BT selects, sources, provisions, services, manages and supports your entire mobile device estate, ensuring your mobile employees always stay as productive as possible.

The service that we get from BT is very proactive. For example, its technicians audited the patrols’ hardware and found long-standing faults on hard disks. Those problems have been eliminated, leading to improved reliability and better availability for the VIxEN units. That equates to more time spent working at the road side –improving both productivity and customer service. BT had the necessary skills and resources required for the massive task of supporting 12,000 in-vehicle devices and managing the operating environment across the whole of the UK.”
– Chris Bailey, Head of Business Systems (Roadside),The AA

Key benefits

Ensure effective mobile devices for your staff

BT Field Force Managed Devices takes care of all your mobile device requirements, so you can:

  • Enjoy a fully managed service: a cost-effective, vendor-independent, end-to-end managed service which takes care of all your mobile field service device requirements.
  • Improve productivity: enable employees to maintain high productivity by minimising downtime from lost, stolen or damaged devices.
  • Protect data: remote securing of lost or stolen devices helps ensure that sensitive corporate data is protected from loss or misuse at all times.
  • Secure your hard drives: in case of device loss or theft, Safeboot-encrypted software is available on device hard drives to further reduce the risk of third-parties accessing confidential information.
  • Highlight recurring problems: detailed incident reports are available to reveal persistent issues such as damaged or stolen devices at specific sites, or by specific employees – and can be used to revise organisational procedures.

Key features and benefits

Access full mobile device management and support

BT Field Force Managed Devices covers every aspect of your mobile field device requirements, offering you:

  • A dedicated support service: BT first-line support enables your employees to contact our specialist engineers through a national rate helpline. 95 per cent of queries are resolved at first contact. Hardware or software issues can be immediately escalated to second-line support if required. This includes remote device management capabilities, providing software diagnostics, without the need for employees to return the device to base. If we are unable to resolve problems remotely, or if a device is lost or stolen, then a replacement will be provided, within the strict timescales defined in your service level agreement (SLA).
  • Device advice: mobile devices and technologies are evolving all the time. Mobile phones, pagers and two-way radios are being replaced with rugged multi-mode devices, better suited to the demands of the mobile service environment. BT can provide advice to help select the best devices for your needs, with technical expertise provided on an updated roadmap as new, improved technologies and devices come onto the market.
  • Device supply: BT has an extensive hardware portfolio with a range of leading vendor partners, enabling us to offer you the widest portfolio of devices. In addition, BT can source and support specific devices that are not included in the standard portfolio.
  • Asset and fault management: the serial numbers of all devices and the employee user, together with a record of the business owners of the device, can be stored on a networked database which is accessible by all service agents. Device faults and customer contact through the support desks will also be tracked on the database. This information can be used to supply you with appropriate business information about the performance of your device estate.

Detailed description

Complete management for your mobile devices

To perform effectively away from the office, your field service employees require the right selection of mobile devices. BT Field Force Managed Devices provides everything your employees need to be truly productive – including rugged laptops, PDAs, mobile data-capture devices, smart phones, and handheld and vehicle-mounted computers.

With BT Field Force Managed Devices, your employees also gain access to support services while on the move. BT quickly manages the resolution of any hardware or software issues that arise, getting your staff operational again and preventing costly downtime.

BT Field Force Managed Devices helps your organisation stay at the forefront of developments in mobile technology with a well-planned and clearly defined device roadmap. This means your employees benefit from the most appropriate devices as they become available, ensuring your mobile workforce performs as effectively as possible.

Technical specifications

Gain the mobile and technical expertise you need

BT Field Force Managed Devices provides you with comprehensive support, management and expertise, offering you:

  • Cost-effective management and support of devices, including supply, configuration, deployment, remote repair, logistics, asset management and incident tracking.
  • Access to a highly trained BT team with experience across a wide portfolio of devices and vendors.
  • A service tailored to meet your specific requirements, including sourcing of non-standard devices.
  • A fully managed service option, including liaison with different airtime providers and ensuring lock-down of SIM cards when devices are stolen.
  • Flexible outsource solutions designed to meet SLAs, service management, reporting and device capability requirements.

Who should buy

Trusted solutions from field service professionals

BT Field Force Managed Devices can help you optimise your service operations, mobile workforces and communications infrastructure. It will be of particular benefit if your organisation has:

  • A high volume of installation/fitting and break-fix workloads.
  • Large vehicle and driver fleets with dynamic delivery and visit schedules.
  • A densely populated field workforce with a mix of full time and contracted staff.
  • Regional dispatchers that manage task assignments for field workers.
  • A base of serviceable assets in field locations.
  • Mobile assets, such as vehicle fleets, tools, plant and equipment.
  • Lone workers interacting with the public or working in remote locations.
  • Varied skills and aptitudes represented in your field workforce.

Why BT

Your field force automation experts

BT has a unique combination of expertise, experience and independence in field force automation (FFA). This enables us to create and implement solutions that address the specific business challenges you face. We understand the strategic, operational and regulatory pressures under which organisations with mobile workforces operate, having pioneered the use of mobile computing platforms and FFA solutions with 30,000 of BT’s own field service employees.

BT has generated the following internal benefits from field force automation:

  • £175 million annual ROI from increased efficiencies and cost savings.
  • 36 per cent increase in field service productivity.
  • Rationalisation of field service control centres from 100 to just three.

BT is network, hardware and software vendor-independent and has the experience of combining technologies from multiple vendors into seamless solutions for our customers. This means that the most suitable technology is deployed only after careful evaluation of your needs. BT understands cultural change and the key role it plays in the success of an FFA initiative. We work alongside our customers, their workforce, and union and works council representatives to help ensure a smooth and successful implementation.