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Improve the productivity of your field employees

BT Field Force Enterprise Applications transform your field services by offering robust enterprise applications that integrate with your existing back-end systems. This means you can deliver seamless scheduling, resource management and mobile applications to your mobile users, improving employee efficiency and productivity through applications that have been proven in the most demanding field service environments.

BT offered us not only technical expertise but business understanding. It showed us how we could optimise results by using its people’s experience in different areas of implementation, particularly change management.”
– Csaba Mezö, Technical Director, E-ON Hungary

Key benefits

Transform your field services

BT Field Force Enterprise Applications enable you to:

  • Eliminate paper forms for schedules and rotas: reduce manual entry, decrease the likelihood of human error and improve your carbon footprint.
  • Comply with the European Working Time Directive: track employees’ holidays, working hours and overtime in realtime. Organisations which use these applications have seen a typical reduction in overtime pay of 9.9 per cent.
  • Allocate work to the closest and most appropriately skilled employee: improve customer satisfaction and reduce annual mileage and fuel costs by serving more customers with the same level of resources and delivering substantial efficiency gains.
  • Optimise stock management: field-based employees can order parts and consumables, and report on stock levels in realtime.
  • Improve information flow: enhance the work status between the office and the field using mobile applications.
  • Forecast future demand: predict resource and work needs through work volume reporting.
  • Gain visibility of performance: put managers back in charge of the service organisation with MIS and business intelligence, including analysis of service metrics.

Key features and benefits

Proven applications to improve your business

Service organisations that have successfully implemented field service automation solutions have experienced up to 22 per cent increase in service level agreement (SLA) compliance, a 21 per cent increase in first-call resolution and an 18 per cent increase in service revenues. To help you achieve similar results, BT Field Force Enterprise Applications offers you:

  • Integration with your organisation’s back-end systems: robust integration solutions to help ensure applications work seamlessly with your existing systems.
  • Customised applications: applications can be customised to suit the exact needs of your organisation.
  • Round-the-clock support: our 24/7 helpdesk options support your employees, ensuring queries are resolved quickly and efficiently.
  • Applications training: training is provided on each of the applications to help ensure that your employees gain maximum value from its functionality.
  • Experienced practitioners: delivered by a dedicated team of practitioners who have unrivalled experience in transforming large field service organisations, including BT’s own field force of 30,000 employees.
  • Best-in-class field service operations: organisations with best-in-class operations have found that they complete around 8 per cent more work orders per day and are 2.5 per cent more profitable than their less advanced competitors.

Detailed description

Optimise your field workforce with BT

To help you improve mobile employee efficiency and productivity, BT Field Force Enterprise Applications offer you a set of best-in-class scheduling and dispatch applications, resource management and an application mobilisation platform.

Scheduling and dispatch
BT delivers dynamic operational work allocation to your mobile workforce. Optimised work schedules can be dispatched to engineers and delivery teams in realtime via any mobile platform. Highly configurable, the system can be easily, quickly and dynamically adjusted to maintain the balance between delivering quality of service and minimising your service delivery costs.

Resource management
To help you make your mobile employees more effective, we offer you comprehensive resource management. This includes optimisation of roster patterns, national or regional balancing of resources and skills, and daily management of attendance in accordance with the European Working Time Directive. This enables remote user-input of overtime, leave, sickness, training and other general absence and work availability information. We also enable your field employees to report stock levels, and remotely order parts and consumables, eliminating paperwork and optimising stock levels.

Mobile application platform
Field workforces require a seamless, intuitive and realtime user experience when accessing business applications on a mobile device. Plus, delivering fast and effective mobile applications requires a robust, scalable and flexible platform.

BT’s managed mobile application platform enables your business to automate and mobilise processes and applications without significant capital outlay. This includes mobilisation of simple paper-based forms and processes through to the most complex service workflows. BT provides you with the enterprise application integration capabilities to seamlessly integrate your existing back-office systems with the mobilisation platform and effectively extend enterprise applications out to mobile employees.

Who should buy

Trusted solutions from field service professionals

BT Field Force Enterprise Applications can help you optimise your field services, improving employee efficiency and productivity through best-in-class applications. It will be of particular benefit if your organisation has:

  • A high volume of installation/fitting and break-fix workloads.
  • Large vehicle and driver fleets with dynamic delivery and visit schedules.
  • A densely populated field workforce with a mix of full-time and contracted staff.
  • Regional dispatchers that manage task assignments for field workers.
  • A base of serviceable assets in field locations.
  • Mobile assets, such as vehicle fleets, tools, plant and equipment.
  • Lone workers interacting with the public or working in remote locations.
  • Varied skills and aptitudes represented in your field workforce.

Why BT

The field force automation experts

BT has a unique combination of expertise, experience and independence in field force automation (FFA). This enables us to create and implement solutions that address the specific business challenges you face. We understand the strategic, operational and regulatory pressures under which organisations with mobile workforces operate, having pioneered the use of mobile computing platforms and FFA solutions with 30,000 of BT’s own field service employees.

BT has generated the following internal benefits from field force automation:

  • £175 million annual ROI from increased efficiencies and cost savings.
  • 36 per cent increase in field service productivity.
  • Rationalisation of field service control centres from 100 to just three.

BT is network, hardware and software vendor-independent and has the experience of combining technologies from multiple vendors into seamless solutions for our customers. This means that the most suitable technology is deployed only after careful evaluation of your needs. BT understands cultural change and the key role it plays in the success of an FFA initiative. We work alongside our customers, their workforce, and union and works council representatives to help ensure a smooth and successful implementation.



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