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BT Diamond IP offers the most flexible, scalable and comprehensive IPAM solutions on the market today. Each member of our leadership team has been actively engaged within the IPAM industry for over a decade. We’ve worked with customers seeking to improve their IPAM operations to streamline their processes and reduce costs. We’ve implemented many time saving features accessible with our intuitive web user interface, enabling customers to organize their IPAM data on their own terms using our patented container feature. One of the major things we’ve learned over the years is that no two customers structure their IP networks nor manage them in the same way. So we’ve developed the most flexible IPAM solutions available.

Internet Protocol addresses are among the basic necessities for the very operation of an IP network. Managing your IP address space allows you to maximize the efficiency of not only the utilization of these precious resources but of your staff time in properly assigning relevant IP addresses and configuring corresponding Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name System (DNS) servers. DHCP automates the assignment of an IP address to a device, such as a laptop, mobile phone, pad, etc., while DNS enables simpler navigation for IP applications by translating names used by humans into corresponding IP addresses used by devices. IPAM serves as the foundation of your IP network and reliable, effective IPAM is required to support network services initiatives like BYOD, VoIP, mobility, cloud computing, DNSSEC and more

We deliver powerful, comprehensive IPAM solutions encompassing: IP block and subnet Management, DHCP and DNS management including DNSSEC management. Our IPAM solutions enable enterprises and service providers to dramatically improve their overall IT operational efficiencies and service levels by automating IPv4 and IPv6 address management with DHCP and DNS server configurations. In addition, we are the only IPAM provider offering IPAM solutions with the most delivery choices: appliance, software, virtual and managed service solutions that offer unsurpassed reliability, scalability and visibility for exceptional control over complex IP networks. We support the most common DNS/DHCP servers including Microsoft, Cisco, BIND and ISC. This highly flexible and scalable solution enables companies to model, configure and manage their IP name and address space the way they want to

IPControl has worked well for us. The devices were easy to set up in our network, and the system is very stable and flexible. As well as IP address management, it allows us to manage other IP network information, such as VLANs.”
- Frank Murphy, Manager of Network Engineering, Constant Contact, Inc.

Diamond IP is the key to centralizing IP management. Before the integration there were errors, duplication of allocations, no accountability, and unnecessary delays. That’s simply not the case now.”
- Ozan Ocal, OSS System Integrator, Rogers Communications

Manage the Complete IP Address Lifecycle

Manage IPv4/IPv6 blocks, subnets, pools, IP addresses, DNS zones and resource records

One cannot define DHCP pools and DNS information in a vacuum. This information must correlate directly with the overall IP address plan. An assigned DHCP address must be relevant to the subnet on which the connecting device is accessing the network. DNS information must correlate to the current IP addresses assigned to each device. The IP address planning process enables an administrator to first carve up an IPv4 block like or 2001:db8::/48 into subblocks and subnets in an organized, logical manner. Assigning subnets outside of this hierarchical process can result in network inefficiencies and wasted IP address space. For example, when allocating a new subnet, several factors must be considered: you need to identify address space that is available for assignment, that rolls up from a block aggregation perspective, that maps to address space set aside for the particular application in question (VoIP, wireless, etc.) and that has not been reserved by someone else for some purpose. Applying this logic using a spreadsheet is cumbersome, time-consuming and error-prone. And the impacts of a mistaken assignment can lead to network downtime.

Our IP address management (IPAM) solutions streamline the management of the entire IP address lifecycle. Our patented container feature is just one innovation we've brought to market to allow you to organize your IP address space according to your topology. Allocate blocks and subnets with a mouse click without trying to calculate binary or hexadecimal subnet allocations. And at the same time, automate DHCP pool creation for allocated subnets as well as DNS forward and reverse domains and resource records. In fact you can allocate multiple subnets, each with address assignments, pool definitions, DNS domains and resource records with a single mouse click! Do you need to plan for that new retail store? Mouse click. Need to allocate a new service node? Mouse click. Consolidating a branch office? Mouse click. BT Diamond IP solutions streamline your IP address management processes and virtually eliminate errors and provisioning time.

Our products not only simplify the process but facilitate effective management of IP address space in accordance with business demands. OUr robust database repository provides a consistent view of your entire IP address space. Replication and redundancy features across our products help you achieve your business continuity objectives. Features such as reporting, auditing, discovery, reclaim, and administrator delegation are just a few of the additional product functions that help you save time and money.

Enterprise IPAM solutions

Centralised IP address management with multi-vendor DHCP/DNS support

In this era of "doing more with less," Enterprise IT administrators must exploit technology to gain operating efficiencies, deliver products or services and support global expansion initiatives. To meet business demands and end-user requirements, IT departments have to support an ever growing set of new technologies and applications without compromising their distributed network's availability, reliability and security - all while delivering an excellent return on investment.

BT Diamond IP understands the difficulties and importance of efficiently managing distributed IP networks. As a result, we provide IP solutions that offer greater control, enhanced performance and outstanding value.

Power and Flexibility
Our IP address management (IPAM) solutions support the entire lifecycle of an IP address, enabling cohesive and simplified management of IP address space, subnets, individual address assignment and DNS and DHCP. They offer unsurpassed flexibility in configuration, design and service delivery for greater control over your network. You'll receive all of the benefits from an advanced, fully integrated IPv4/IPv6 solution that supports multivendor (ISC/BIND/Microsoft/CNR) environments without having to swap out your entire network. Our flexible service options provide you with the tools to control and manage your network under your own terms.

Save time and resources and reduce entry errors by integrating the IP address planning process with complex downstream DHCP and DNS server configuration procedures. Policies and templates enable consistent application of configuration settings across multiple DHCP and DNS servers to minimize duplicate entries and improve productivity.

All components of our solutions can be deployed in redundant configurations, often with multiple levels of redundancy, which provides maximum availability and reliability. Our centralized management of IP address space and distributed DNS/DHCP servers provides rapid reconfiguration of servers for network recovery after unplanned outages or during planned reconfigurations.

Our automated services configurations help you secure your network by reducing errors and improving control over your IP addresses and DNS/DHCP server configurations. Administrator controls prevent unauthorized access to your data by offering multi-level, hierarchical, user access. In addition, our appliance solutions are designed with a hardened OS, minimizing access and exposure to attacks.

Return on Investment
We are committed to providing value to our clients and ensuring our solutions meet your technical, operational and financial requirements. Our solutions add value by reducing time and errors associated with IP address allocation, assignment, tracking, trouble shooting and reporting. Additionally, we offer integrated support for IPv4 and IPv6 and all BIND features to help protect your investment in current infrastructure and future addressing deployments. When combined, these benefits typically provide a ROI of well over 150%.

Our centralised approach provides a single, comprehensive view of your entire IP network for managing IP address blocks, subnets, address assignments and associated DHCP and DNS services and configuration. Our reporting tools provide address utilization trending and forecasting to help you proactively manage your IP address capacity.

Service Provider IPAM Solutions

Scalable, flexible IPAM solutions with powerful APIs facilitate OSS integration

BT Diamond IP's solutions are used by the largest service providers throughout the world. For more than 10 years we have helped Telecom Service Providers gain greater control, visibility and performance over their networks. As convergence to IP services such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and Universal Communications and Collaboration (UCC) accelerates, the volume of IP addresses on your network intensifies your need for flawless IP address management (IPAM). If customers are not able to obtain an IP address, or if name resolution problems affect connectivity, the support center phones will ring. Proactive and effective IP address management is critical to minimizing your exposure to such customer-affecting events. And, if a transition to IPv6 is in your future, you will need an integrated IPAM system that supports both IPv4 and IPv6 technology. BT Diamond IP solutions ensure you are able to successfully manage all IP-related activities flawlessly.

Centralised Control
Our software and appliance solutions support the entire lifecycle of an IP address, enabling cohesive and simplified management of IPv4 and IPv6 address space, subnets, individual address assignment, DNS, and DHCP in one integrated solution. Our web services XML/SOAP API facilitates intersystem provisioning and streamlined workflow. It also provides a system callout mechanism to initiate system-driven actions, such as updating Internet Registries upon address allocation. Integrated thresholds and alerts enable proactive address capacity management to maximize the performance of your IP assets. The centralized management of your IP space provides high reliability and rapid reconfiguration of servers for network recovery after unplanned outages or during planned reconfigurations.

Flexibility and Scalability
Our award-winning solutions were designed with the client in mind. Our solutions can be delivered via software, appliances or a combination of the two, depending on your network topology and management requirements. Our advanced technology platform fully integrates IPv4/IPv6 address management to help clients plan and prepare their IPv6 migration and is scalable to tens of millions of IP addresses. The container mechanism helps you organize IP address space according to your network topology and router associations. For DNS/DHCP requirements, our solutions configure and manage our appliances, as well as stock ISC/BIND/Microsoft servers, so you don't need to swap out your DNS/DHCP infrastructure to migrate to a next-generation IPAM solution.

Fully Integrated IPv4/IPv6 Technology
Our solutions fully integrate IPv4 and IPv6 to help you seamlessly transition from one technology to the other. We provide a complete, top-down solution for managing IPv4/IPv6 address assignment, with pool monitoring, utilization tracking and creation and deployment of multi-vendor DNS/DHCP configurations. Our enhanced planning and reporting capabilities allow you to effectively manage your current addressing requirements, while simultaneously planning for the future. With our solutions and experience, we can help your organization successfully prepare for and begin your transition to IPv6 technology.

Visibility and Security
Our centralised approach enhances your ability to manage IP address blocks and subnets, assign addresses and configure associated DHCP and/or DNS services. This improved control reduces errors that may open gaps in your network security. Our multilayer discovery  process enables security managers to investigate alerts for rogue devices. In addition, our appliance solutions are designed with a hardened OS, minimizing access and exposure to attacks.

Return On Investment
BT Diamond IP a global leader in IP Address Management because of our technical expertise and the value we provide to our clients. Our products reduce the time associated with IP address allocation, assignment, tracking, trouble shooting and reporting, which reduces the costs associated with network management. Additionally, our IPAM solutions protect your infrastructure investment by supporting IPv4 and IPv6 as well as all BIND 8 & 9 features. These benefits combined translate to a ROI of 150% or more.

DOCSIS Firmware Management
For cable operators, our market-leading ImageControl software enables MSOs to discover, inventory, and upgrade firmware on CPE devices on their networks. It supports DOCSIS and Euro-DOCSIS based devices including cable modems, MTAs, and other DOCSIS compliant devices. The discovery feature enables operators to inventory and audit devices on the network, stage and schedule CPE firmware updates, and automate upgrades of device firmware. Several other features including brick thresholds, reporting, update pre-requisites and more have led ImageControl to DOCSIS firmware management market leadership.



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