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The benefits

Change is coming. Be ready for it with us

The arrival of IPv6 marks a new stage in Internet evolution, and it’s vital that you and your organisation are truly ready for it. Our contribution has been key to the development of the new protocol, and our involvement and expertise can help you:

  • Manage your address space easily: Our Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) products help you logically model your network hierarchy and sites. IPv4 and IPv6 subnets can be allocated with the click of a mouse without having to type in error-prone IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.
  • Map address allocation to your existing processes: With IPControl’s logical container structure, you can simply add a new subnet type to a given site. This offers logical, click-based IPv4 and IPv6 subnet allocation.
  • Keep track of your IP inventory: We provide various forms of subnet discovery to verify accuracy of your IP inventory database in IPControl. This enables administrators to verify that the proper subnet was provisioned on the appropriate router interface for example.
  • Automate your records: Our solutions help your people navigate to servers, applications and printers by name, not IPv6 address. This makes life easier for both end users and on IT administrators.
  • Build a strong foundation for IPv6 deployment: We’ll help you baseline your IPv4 address plan using IPv4 subnet, ARP, and host discovery.

“Based on our ROI assessment, IPControl has paid for itself within the first year of operation.”

— Steve Marshall, BT ENT IP/DNS Manager, BT

What it costs

Diverse platform for flexible solutions pricing

Our BT Diamond IP solutions are available as software installable on your hardware, as purpose-built pre-installed Sapphire hardware or virtual appliances, or as managed services. With this diverse set of platforms with mix-and-match, we offer the most flexible solutions for managing IPv4 and IPv6 address space.

Contact your BT account manager to review the options and to get a quote.

More reasons to buy

Draw on our experience as IPv6 pioneers

We have been genuine leaders in the development of IPv6, and we really don’t think you need to look anywhere else for help in making sure you deploy the new protocol smoothly.

You need a thorough understanding of what the move to IPv6 entails, and key issues such as addressing, IPv4-IPv6 co-existence strategies, and IPv6 deployment approaches. We offer a variety of free educational resources to help you achieve this in our new IPv6 Resource Center. This is a multimedia collection of white papers, webinars, videos, presentations, a podcast, IPv6 subnet calculator, and even books by BT Diamond IP experts.

Technical specs

The tools to adapt to a new Internet reality

When it comes to deployment of IPv6, our solutions range from software installed on your existing hardware, to purpose-built pre-installed Sapphire hardware or managed services. This offers:

Logical modelling of IPv4 and IPv6 address topology
User-defined topology using BT Diamond IP’s container feature enables you to model your network topology, e.g., by region, then by campus, then by site. This hierarchical structure provides a logical association of address space to organisation locations and topology and also enforces simple subnet allocation staying true to your aggregation requirements.

Multiple platform support
Our software is installable on customer hardware supporting Red Hat Linux, Solaris, and Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Hardened Sapphire appliances offer the convenience of pre-installed software and are available in an affordable remote office model, a mid-range model and a 2U high end model with dual power supplies and RAID-5 disks

Managed services offer the convenience of contracting us to monitor and manage your Sapphire appliances and DDI moves, adds, and changes.

Multi-vendor DHCP/DNS support
IPControl software and appliances can be used to manage DHCP and DNS configurations for not only Sapphire appliances but also for stock Microsoft and ISC/BIND DNS and DHCP servers.

Disciplined IPv6 address planning
Develop your overlay IPv6 address plan with automated sparse, random or best-fit subnet allocation. Or allocate IPv4 and IPv6 subnets together in one step using site templates. Track and manage IPv4 and IPv6 address space together.



Contact your BT account manager for more information and for product and services deployment and support options.

Service Level Agreement

Support and Managed IPAM Services

BT Diamond IP offers a published SLA for product support for oursoftware and appliance products. Our Managed IPAM services additionally offer a set of SLAs for Sapphire appliance status or outage detection and resolution as well as for IPAM moves, adds, and changes. Please contact your BT account manager for more details.