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The benefits

DNS is vital. Manage it effectively

Domain Name System  (DNS) is core to the very operation of the Internet and IP networks. DNS is the directory to the Internet and translates website www addresses into IP addresses needed for computing devices to communicate. This vital component of your network operations can be complex to properly configure and manage, and our solutions can help you:

  • Manage your DNS centrally: Our Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) products help you model and manage your DNS name spaces across multiple DNS servers. You can manage internal and external zones, forward and reverse zones, and stub and forward zone.
  • Save time: Organisations typically deploy DNS servers closest to their end users to provide these users rapid, reliable DNS lookup services. We can help you save time by managing your distributed DNS environment with our IPControl solutions then deploy relevant configurations to distributed DNS servers throughout your network.
  • Keep track of changes: You can enable your DHCP servers to automatically update DNS servers when a device obtains an IP address from DHCP. This enables the device to be reachable by name. Our solutions can automatically track such updates so that your centralized DNS information accurately reflects your network.
  • Automate DNS resource record creation: Our solutions help save you time by automatically creating address-based resource records as you assign IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. This automation also removes the need for you to type in error-prone DNS record entries, especially for and zones.
  • Secure your DNS information: Our DNSSEC appliance offers you a convenient DNSSEC solution to automate signing of your zone information based on your security policies.
  • Easily support your IPv6 deployment: As you allocate IPv6 subnets using our solutions, our templates enable automated creation of zones and auto-population of AAAA and PTR records for devices. This offers you one less thing to worry about as you deploy IPv6 in your network.
We chose IPControl because it was the only product that could effectively
centralize control over our DNS servers and still provide granular access to 100
administrators over 1 management appliance.”
- Steve Marshall, BTENT IP/DNS Manager

What it costs

Diverse platforms with flexible solutions pricing

Your can manage your DNS in the way that suits you best. Our BT Diamond IP solutions are available as software installable on your hardware, as purpose-built pre-installed Sapphire hardware or virtual appliances, or as managed services. In fact, you can even manage currently deployed Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) BIND DNS servers or Microsoft DNS servers to homogenize DNS management without significant investment.

With this diverse set of platforms and the option to mix-and-match, we offer the most flexible solutions for managing your DNS environment.

Contact your BT account manager to review your options and to get a quote.

More reasons to buy

Manage your current DNS or upgrade to appliances

With our solutions you can  retain your current investment in stock BIND or Microsoft DNS infrastructure, while gaining centralised control. You can upgrade to our simple, secure Sapphire appliances if required at your own pace. Using Sapphire DNS appliances enables you to not only configure and manage DNS information on distributed appliances, you can also monitor the state of deployed appliances, reconfigure remotely, and upgrade appliances from the centralised management console.

Our managed DNS services also leverage Sapphire DNS deployments if you decide to have us monitor, upgrade and proactively administer your DNS services. We offer maximum flexibility in helping you more effectively manage your DNS environment.

Technical specifications

We offer the most feature-rich DNS solution

Our DNS management solutions offer you the maximum flexibility from our diverse feature set:

  • Full BIND configuration: Our DNS management solutions enable you to fully configure all BIND DNS parameters, options, zones, views, resource records, logging and control channel access using our intuitive graphical user interface – no more need for text file editors.
  • Multi-vendor DNS support: IPControl software and appliances can be used to manage DNS configurations for not only Sapphire appliances but also for stock Microsoft and ISC/BIND DNS servers.
  • Manage multiple name spaces: Manage your external and internal name spaces cohesively using our solutions. You can manage multiple versions of a given domain to support such an environment.
  • Secure your DNS information: Our solutions enable you to not only implement and support DNSSEC to automate zone signing and key rollovers, but you can also manage DNS ACLs, TSIG/GSS-TSIG keys, DNS views and more to secure your overall DNS environment.
  • Streamline security with appliances: Our Sapphire DNS appliances offer additional security through a proprietary non-commercial Linux operation system. Sapphire appliances offer the convenience of purchasing DNS hardware with software already pre-installed. Plus unlike competitive DNS appliance offerings, we do not force you to repurchase appliances every three years.


In select regions

We have deployments across the globe but please contact your BT account manager for more information and for product and services deployment and support options.

Service level agreement

Support and Managed DNS Services

We publish BT Diamond IP SLAs for product support for our DNS software and appliance products. Appliance support includes next business day shipping for failed units. And we do not force you to upgrade your appliances every three years unlike other appliance vendors.

Additionally we offer a set of managed services SLAs for Sapphire DNS appliance status or outage detection and resolution as well as for DNS moves, adds, and changes. Please contact your BT account manager for more details.