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The benefits

Automate IP address assignment and DHCP

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) automates IP address assignment. So when you connect to the Internet from your office, home or a coffee shop, your device’s IP address is typically assigned using DHCP without any manual intervention. However, DHCP can be difficult and time consuming to manage. The experience we’ve built up in providing effective DHCP solutions can help you: 

  • Manage your DHCP centrally: We can help you model and manage your IP address space across multiple DHCP servers with our Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) products. You can centrally model and plan your subnet allocations, and define IP address pools that, in turn, can be deployed to distributed DHCP servers.
  • Deploy high availability DHCP services: Organisations typically deploy two DHCP servers, one closest to their end users to provide high performance, and one in another site to provide failover. We can help you manage your distributed DHCP environment with our IPControl solutions.
  • Monitor your IP address capacity: Our IPAM solutions collect DHCP pool information from DHCP servers to help you monitor pool capacity and alert you if a defined threshold is tripped. You can alert either on the dynamic pool portion of your address space or your overall address space holistically.
  • Easily configure VoIP and other devices: You can define matching parameters within DHCP packets to identify clients of a given class, such as a VoIP phone with our client class feature. The DHCP server can then supply appropriate parameters to properly initialize the device for operation on your network.
IPControl lets us centralise planning, make accurate predictions about IP requirements and assign blocks of IP addresses to local administrators for them to manage. It’s a great solution for our network.”
- Alvin Ekes, Cytec Senior Network Engineer

What it costs

Diverse platforms with flexible solutions pricing

Your can manage your DHCP in the way that suits you best. Our BT Diamond IP solutions are available as software installable on your hardware, as purpose-built pre-installed Sapphire hardware or virtual appliances, or as managed services. In fact, you can even manage currently deployed Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) DHCP servers or Microsoft DHCP servers to homogenize IP and DHCP management without significant investment.

With this diverse set of platforms and the option to mix-and-match, we offer the most flexible solutions for managing your DHCP environment.  Contact your BT account manager to review your options and to get a quote.

More reasons to buy

Manage or upgrade, the choice is yours

If you want to retain your current investment in stock ISC or Microsoft DHCP infrastructure, while giving you centralised control our solutions can help you. You can upgrade to our simple, secure Sapphire appliances if required at your own pace. You  can configure and manage DHCP information on distributed appliances, but also monitor the state of deployed appliances, reconfigure remotely, and upgrade appliances from the centralized management console, all with our Sapphire DHCP appliances.

Our managed IPAM and DHCP services also leverage Sapphire DHCP deployments if you decide to have us monitor, upgrade and proactively administer your DHCP services. We offer  maximum flexibility in helping you more effectively manage your IP and DHCP environment.

Technical specs

Manage DHCP and IPAM together

Our DHCP management solutions enable you manage DHCP pools alongside your IPv4 and IPv6 address plan. This helps you to manage all address assignment policies locally, for static and dynamic devices. We offer you the maximum flexibility from our diverse feature set:

  • Manage DHCP pools, options, policies: Our DHCP management solutions can help you gain control of major aspects of DHCP configurations, including pools, “reserved” addresses, server parameters, options, assignment policies, and client classes using our intuitive graphical user interface – no more need for text file editors.
  • Multi-vendor DHCP support: You can use IPControl software and appliances to manage DHCP configurations for not only Sapphire appliances but also for stock Microsoft and ISC DHCP servers.
  • Manage DHCP redundancy: If your DHCP server is down, your end users will be unable to get an IP address and they will call the help desk. Our solutions allow you to deploy DHCP redundancy using either the DHCP failover protocol, supported by ISC and Sapphire DHCP, or by deploying split scopes, or non-overlapping addresses from a common pool across two servers for all DHCP products.
  • Streamline security with appliances: Our Sapphire DHCP appliances offer additional security through a proprietary non-commercial Linux operation system. With our Sapphire appliances you can have the convenience of purchasing DHCP hardware with software already pre-installed. Plus unlike competitive DHCP appliance offerings, we won’t make you repurchase appliances every three years.


In select regions

We have deployments across the globe but please contact your BT account manager for more information and for product and services deployment and support options.

Service level agreement

Support and Managed DHCP Services

We publish BT Diamond IP SLAs for product support for our DHCP software and appliance products. Appliance support includes next business day shipping for failed units. And we do not force you to upgrade your appliances every three years unlike other appliance vendors.

Our managed services additionally offer a set of SLAs for Sapphire DHCP appliance status or outage detection and resolution as well as for DHCP moves, adds, and changes. Please contact your BT account manager for more details.