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The benefits

The physical limitations of distance mean that your services and operations may be at a clear disadvantage when located away from key customers, counterparties, market data sources or execution venues. BT Radianz Hosting is an award-winning set of managed hosting services available in strategic financial hosting centres in the world’s key cities. It provides financial firms, market infrastructures and service providers with a range of co-location and proximity hosting environments that can deliver direct access to participants and service providers in the local and international financial communities as well as proximity access to local stock, derivatives and commodities exchanges, execution venues, CCPs, CSDs and market data sources in the countries where it is used.

For customers in the financial markets sector, the fully-managed hosting service enables customers to be virtually collocated with trading venues of global importance. By supporting trading engines in close proximity to execution venues, BT Radianz Hosting reduces round-trip delay (RTD) for data and messages, minimising distance-related delays to around six milliseconds per 1,000 kilometres. RTD is underwritten by the BT Radianz Service Level Agreement (SLA) that provides for 100 availability.

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What it costs

BT Radianz Hosting services are flexible to meet different needs of different organisations across the financial services spectrum.  They cover a scale of different service levels from simple co-location through to a fully-managed service including hardware provision, monitoring, replacement and “smart hands” services.

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More reasons to buy

Gaining time through proximity hosting

BT Radianz Hosting stands out from the crowd even more when it is used in conjunction with BT Radianz Cloud and BT Radianz Venue Interconnect services.  Used as part of the BT Radianz Cloud, which offers access to 80+ exchanges and trading venues around the world, users of BT Radianz Hosting can take advantage of a global architecture designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of the financial community.  Their trading engines can be hosted in financial centres around the world and they can be in as close proximity to local execution venues as any local member of the trading community, while BT manages the components and provides the hosting services within that architecture.   And the BT Radianz Service Level Agreement (SLA) is for 100 availability.

BT Radianz Hosting is not only available in BT hosting centres, and BT has been building out its BT Radianz Cloud and BT Radianz Venue Interconnect platforms to include third-party data centres in financial centres internationally.  This means that users of BT Radianz Hosting can benefit from access to the largest secure networked financial community in the world over the BT Radianz Cloud and also take advantage of the lowest commercially-available latency using BT Radianz Venue Interconnect to access hosting centres in major financial centres internationally.

Users of BT Radianz Hosting gain time in terms of latency as well as in terms of time-to-market.

We’ve been receiving accolades from our users year-on-year for being the best in the world at what we do - in 2012 alone we were recognised with the following awards:

  • BEST DATA CENTRE PROVIDER: BT Radianz Proximity/Hosting – Waters Technology Rankings 2012
  • BEST DATA NETWORKING & INFRASTRUCTURE PROVIDER: BT Radianz Cloud – Inside Market Data / Inside Reference Data awards 2012
  • BEST NETWORK PROVIDER: BT Radianz Cloud – Waters Technology Rankings 2012
  • BEST CLOUD PROVIDER TO THE BUY-SIDE: BT Radianz Cloud - Buy-Side Technology awards 2012

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Technical specs

With BT Radianz Hosting you can choose a variety of service options to suit your needs. This includes everything from co-location for lower latency right through to network infrastructure management and fully-managed options.

BT Radianz Hosting is available in BT-owned and non-BT hosting facilities.

Co-location Service
Our co-location service provides you with a highly secure, state-of-the-art hosting facility for housing your business-critical servers and applications. This can also enable you to enjoy lower latency by locating your equipment in closer proximity to customers, service providers or execution venues.
Co-location can be a managed or unmanaged service providing rack-space, power and cabling within the hosting facility, conforming to the highest industry standards for HVAC, power and site security.

Managed Network Infrastructure
Managing the network infrastructure that supports your servers can drain your resources and budget. BT can manage LAN/WAN architecture installed within the hosting facility, helping you to reduce total cost and complexity and allowing you to focus on managing your core business.

The service provides network management (load balancing and switch management), security management (firewalls and IDS) and change management. You can also choose optional DNS, NTP, and mail-relay services which are all available as part of the managed LAN/WAN architecture.

Enhanced Managed Service
This premium managed hosting service provides you with holistic management and maintenance to server operating system level. It offers all the features of the managed network infrastructure service and enables you to outsource management and control of your servers - so you can focus on managing your core business.

Enhanced Managed Service provides proactive monitoring of servers and problem resolution, operating system installation and patch management, database management and maintenance, real-time and historical reporting, as well as data backup and restore.

Enhanced Managed Service enables you to outsource management and control of your servers to free-up resources.

Remote Hands Service
The Remote Hands Service is a light-touch equipment service provided by BT engineers to assist you during problem investigation and resolution. It is available in all BT-owned Hosting Data Centres on a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year basis, and is available to customers  using our co-location and managed network infrastructure services as a faster alternative to dispatching your own engineers to the hosting facility. Remote Hands Service enables you to resolve problems fast as BT engineers assist you during problem investigation and resolution.
BT Radianz Hosting offers you fully-managed hosting and connectivity services, providing you with:

  • Low latency: benefit from 10-millisecond round trip delays (RTD) to major execution venues for faster, more precise trading
  • Expert hosting: gain fully-managed, on-site monitoring of your servers in real-time, at world-class financial hosting and connectivity facilities
  • Skilled support staff: experienced professionals with unparalleled financial services IT expertise offer you dedicated support for your mission-critical financial applications
  • Scalability: BT Radianz Hosting is scalable so you can minimise future investment to keep pace with rapidly growing market volumes
  • Reliability: strict service level agreements (SLAs) are designed to deliver 100 network availability for your complete peace of mind
  • Simple pricing: reduce your costs through a service based on subscribed services, not transaction volume

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BT Radianz Hosting is available in major financial centres around the world.

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BT Radianz Proximity is used by a range of financial institutions and service providers to meet a variety of different business and operational goals, including:

  • banks and brokers seeking greater operational efficiency, better capital utilisation and not wanting to build out their own IT infrastructure while still competing effectively in the market
  • algorithmic traders requiring managed hosting or co-location in key financial centres around the world
  • proprietary and black-box traders located outside major financial centres needing high-speed links to execution venues
  • third-party trading systems seeking to combine fast and reliable connectivity with world-class hosting
  • market participants seeking ultra-low latency access to execution venues worldwide.

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Service Level Agreement

BT Radianz Hosting is designed from the ground up to deliver a 100 level of service.



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