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The benefits

Connect affordably to your sites in 22 countries

When you need to connect sites and price is the most important factor, DSL access is an excellent choice.

Cut costs 
DSL access uses a standard telephone line to connect your office to a BT-managed gateway to your global IP VPN. It’s a more affordable option than a private leased line.   

Performance options
Choose a DSL service to suit your performance needs and your budget. With a high quality DSL Premium service the connection is for your use only. And with a ‘DSL plus’, or ‘DSL standard’ service you share the connection with others without compromising security. The speed you get depends on how far you are from the exchange and which generation of DSL your exchange has.

Get flexibility but stay secure
All your traffic is encrypted between your office and our network using the IPSec security standards. We manage the full connection to make sure only authenticated and identified equipment is used.

Use DSL as back-up for your main offices
You can bump up the availability of the connection from data centers or offices that currently use leased lines or Ethernet access, with DSL as an extra back-up connection. If your main connection fails, you’ll still have a secure DSL service to run your most important business applications.

Match access to the importance of your sites
DSL is excellent for small sites that don’t need the high speeds of a leased line or Ethernet access connection to your IP VPN. 

What it costs

What it costs

The costs are made up of connection and rental charges.   Access has a one off connection charge and an on-going rental charge which is dependent on the DSL flavor you have chosen.

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Technical specs

Service to suit your needs

We offer these DSL services for VPN :

Premium - uncontended DSL access used only by you. We provide it as SDSL in the vast majority of countries but it may also be called ADSL.

Plus - low contended DSL access (the contention ratio on the DSL access varies per country but it’ll always be within the range of 1:4 – 1:10). We can provide this as ADSL or SDSL, depending on the DSL supply available in-country.

Standard - highly contended ADSL access (DSL access contention in up to 50:1).


Available in 22 countries

The DSL service is available in 22 countries.

Service Level Agreement

Great service, or you pay less

We aim for service availability of up to 99.85 per cent, depending on the resilience you choose. Our service level agreement, covering the components we manage, means you get credits on your account if we don’t meet our commitments.