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Don’t settle for average

Technology evolves quickly and your contact centres may be lagging behind. As industry rivals upgrade their systems and legacy hardware becomes expensive to run, you may be losing money and competitive advantage.

BT Contact Centre Efficiency Quick Start provides an in-depth analysis of your contact centre operations. This helps assess your current level of efficiency and identify where improvements will have the most impact.

The BT solution represents an exciting use of new technology – utilising a shared network in a challenging clinical environment – for possibly the largest organisation of its type in the world. Our expectation is for a significant improvement in efficiency, enabling enhanced customer service at reduced cost per contact.”
- NHS Direct

Key benefits

Join the discussion

BT Contact Centre Efficiency Quick Start brings all the relevant stakeholders together right from the beginning in a structured programme of discussion and discovery. This process helps create a cohesive plan for improving the efficiency of your contact centres. In particular you will be able to:

  • Clarify the reasons for change: with open discussion and debate, making sure that project sponsors and stakeholders are clear on how Contact Centre Efficiency Quick Start will benefit them. We aim to make the process transparent between all relevant departments.
  • Address the root cause of existing problems: patching up symptoms leaves underlying problems to fester, making them more expensive to fix in the long run. We aim to root out these stumbling blocks, creating long term stability in your journey to efficiency.
  • Approach implementation with confidence: gain a clear view of what benefits you expect to see across your contact centre operations.
  • Optimise your resources: make use of the best combination of processes, people, technology and locations, using the right efficiency plan for your organisation.

Key features and benefits

Better service at lower cost equals greater efficiency

It’s a simple equation in words but can be daunting when trying to find ways to apply it to your organisation. Contact Centre Efficiency Quick Start is designed to help you identify how to achieve this goal.

The process begins with the Quick Start checklist. Every organisation is different and to reflect that we have developed a checklist to get a snapshot of your current contact centre operations. This provides a high-level starting point to open discussions with your BT Account Manager, providing a clear indication of which areas of your current operations need to be looked at in more detail.

There are two levels of Contact Centre Efficiency Quick Start available, the Quick Start Workshop and the Quick Start Assessment. Your BT Account Manager will work with you to determine which level is most applicable to your requirements.

The first level, Quick Start Workshop, is a high level engagement involving the key stakeholders within your organisation and BT contact centre consultants. It includes a one-day workshop customised for your organisation and aims to draw out the best way to enhance the efficiency of your contact centre.

The second level is Quick Start Assessment. It’s a more in-depth look at your current operations, and typically takes more than three weeks to complete. We will assess your current contact centre operations as well as the ICT infrastructure supporting it. We will identify your current strengths and opportunities for improving efficiency.

Detailed description

Let us come to you

Once you have completed your preliminary checklist, your BT Account Manager will help you decide which of the two Quick Start service levels is going to bring the most value to your organisation.

Level one: Quick Start Workshop

Step one: We send you a questionnaire to give us a foundation to work from, and can identify strengths and weaknesses in your contact centre infrastructure, operational effectiveness and current efficiency levels. The questionnaire also reveals any plans and provisions in place for future enhancements.

Step two: We analyse the information gathered and use it to prepare a structured workshop. We will customize this workshop to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Step three: We organise the workshop for your senior staff members, reviewing the priority areas that have been identified. We help participants reach a common understanding of the priority issues, and what opportunities are available to improve your contact centre efficiency.

Level two: Quick Start Assessment

Step one: Planning
We start with an audio meeting to agree the timetable of events and who you would like to have involved.

Step two: Initial situation analysis
Through a series of structured meetings, we assess your current situation, including IT architecture and operational status, and any known issues and requirements.

Step three: Conduct assessment
We take you through possible contact centre efficiency models in a workshop environment. With your input, we develop our initial recommendations, based on your business requirements and goals.

Step four: Establish recommendations
We conduct additional investigations and a second workshop to complete the assessment, during which your core team has an opportunity to discuss and review our draft recommendations.

Step five: Present findings
Our findings and specific recommendations for enhancing the efficiency of your contact centres are issued in a final executive presentation.

Who should buy

Spreading the benefits

Every organisation that operates a contact centre can benefit from making it more efficient. If you like the idea of improving customer service while reducing overall costs, then contact your BT Account Manager to learn more.

Why BT

Global leader in contact centre services

BT has over 25 years’ experience in developing, managing and hosting contact centres for some of the world’s largest corporations. We currently manage 4,000 contact centres around the world for more than 800 companies.

Many of our contact centre services were developed in-house by our experts to improve our own efficiency and return on investment. We use these services to serve 20 million of our own customers, so our products and services have been thoroughly tested and fine-tuned.

BT offers a great degree of flexibility in deployment options. Once we have guided you through your Quick Start assessment, we can choose from a range of customisable contact centre efficiency solutions including: customer premise, managed, hosted and fully outsourced.

We match our services to your business needs and culture, and carry the highest levels of technical accreditation with major suppliers. This enables us to deploy a solution that integrates smoothly with your existing technology.