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The very best home for your IT platform

The ability to securely store, manage and access valuable business and customer data is increasingly critical for your business continuity and performance. However, implementing and managing your own data centre can be costly. It also uses up organisational resources better targeted elsewhere.

The key is to maintain a balance between managing your critical business data, and having a secure facility to host your IT systems. With BT’s global reach, local service - and unmatched Telehousing expertise and capacity – we can deliver secure, scalable, cost-effective solutions to the core of your business from one of our worldwide data centres.


BT Compute Telehousing provides you with highly efficient accommodation in a secure data centre environment.

  • You get the space you need to install and operate your IT and communications equipment.
  • You also get all the supporting infrastructure you need to run it.
  • The floor space is allocated in footprints, in a suite specifically prepared for the requirements of modern IT equipment.

Working closely with you, we maintain the power and environmental aspects of the suite – as well as offering secure controlled access – while you provide your own hardware, application platforms, configuration, set-up and licensing content.

  • Equipment can be hosted in a shared or physically separate BT-controlled area.
  • Our global reach gives you get a choice of suitable location.
  • The suites in each data centre are configured to the same exacting BT standards.
  • You have the option of inclusive services such as: equipment racking, remote hands, and media handling.

In short, we provide secure, controlled environments within which you can operate your IT infrastructure. Unlike standard data centre hosting, BT Compute Telehousing enables you to access and alter your own equipment. Your organisation can enjoy:

  • Stronger business continuity: through independence from your main site, and by being protected by our multiple power and uptime Service Level Agreements.
  • Reduced carbon emissions: we are responsible for your power and cooling needs, and we aim to cut carbon output wherever possible.
  • Improved service costs: by taking advantage of our economies of scale, you see a significant benefit in cost efficiency.

With BT Compute Telehousing, we get leading edge technology, regulatory compliance, and reduced costs through economies of scale. At the same time we become a more sustainable business by using energy-efficient facilities."

- Jetse Pettinga,Head of Systems Management, St Antonius Hospital

Colocation specifications

BT Compute Telehousing gives you the space and security, as well as the resilience and reach, to make your IT infrastructure work for you:

  • We deliver data centre services from 48 global data centres
  • Each one is built to conform to, or exceed, Tier 3 of the Uptime Institute’s definition
  • Every BT-operated data centre is equipped with the same high standards of security, atmospheric control and power
  • Each environmental system and power source is duplicated for greater resilience against systems failure
  • Delivering a 100% SLA for the provision of power to each footprint, we ensure continuity for your critical business processes (location permitting)
  • Our data centres feature VESDAs (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarms) and automatic fire defences for your added protection (location permitting).

Global reach, local service

BT Compute Telehousing is available in 48 data centres located around the world.



BT Compute Telehousing brochure

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The very best home for your IT platform


BT Compute Telehousing – Farnborough & Corsham datasheet

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BT extends data centre capacity with two new state of the art datacentres in UK