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Say goodbye to multiple suppliers, contracts and billing

Global voice services just got a whole lot easier. Enjoy one supplier, one bill and one contract with our fully managed, end-to-end voice service. Flat-rate pricing reduces your global call costs, while virtual private network (VPN) functionality means cost-effective dial plans and extensive global reach. Plus, mix three pricing options across your global sites to meet the requirements of each office.

Key benefits

Discover the benefits of one voice supplier

Whether you’re a one-office business requiring simple national and international calling, or a multi-site corporation requiring full global VPN functionality, Business Voice VoicePort enables you to:

  • Increase cost efficiency: enjoy cost-effective communication between your international sites with flat-rate pricing. This means call charges are drastically reduced with free calls between directly connected offices, regardless of the country of origin. Plus, you’ll also benefit from low-rate international outbound calls.
  • Simplify your contracts and billing: eliminate complex billing from multiple suppliers. BT simplifies your administration with just one supplier, one contract and one bill for all your global voice services.
  • Improve budgeting: meet the requirements and volume demands of each of your individual offices, regardless of location – all under the same contract and service. Business Voice VoicePort offers three convenient and flexible pricing options to mix and match among your global sites.
  • Increase efficiency: rely on a fully managed service that runs on a network owned and maintained end-to-end by BT. With BT’s high levels of quality and reliability, your voice services become one less thing to worry about – so you can focus on your business.

Key features and benefits

Experience a flexible global voice service

BT Business Voice VoicePort provides national and international calling across a secure, reliable and extensive voice network fully owned, managed and maintained by BT. This provides you with:

Flexible pricing options: mix and match the following price plans across each of your offices to gain greater control of your voice spend:

  • VPMax: ideal for your high-volume sites using over 125,000 minutes per month. A direct access connection over the BT network offers you a flat monthly price with unlimited free calls between sites and other VoicePort countries.
  • VPFlex: for your variable and medium-volume sites using up to 125,000 minutes per month. VPFlex offers you flexible pricing with a direct access connection over the BT network. For a small monthly charge, you’ll benefit from low-rate national and international calls.
  • VPSwitched: for low-volume sites, home offices and mobile phone users using under 25,000 minutes per month. Switched access enables you to access the BT network locally, enjoying low-rate calls with no monthly charge.

Full global VPN functionality: features include dial plan management, short code dialling and fax. Plus, forced on-net (FON) provides cost-effective outbound calling over the BT network, while virtual on-net (VON) integrates frequently dialed outbound numbers into your call plan, saving you money.

Extensive global coverage: benefit from direct access to the BT network in 30 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and the USA. Indirect access is also available in 27 countries. This means your global calling can be covered through one supplier, over one high-quality network with one contract and one service.

Inclusive conferencing: enjoy easy dial-in access to the innovative BT MeetMe conferencing service – included as part of your dial plan to help you achieve significant cost reductions.

Detailed description

Integrate your global telecommunications

Managing your national and international voice services can be a juggling act. Multiple service providers. International calling across numerous tariffs. Several contracts and bills. Separate networks for different offices. Isn’t it hard to keep your eye on the ball?

Business Voice VoicePort makes global telephony simple. It provides you with a cost-effective way to communicate securely across multiple sites, integrating all your global voice traffic under a single service and contract.

Our end-to-end voice service has been specifically developed to cater for the different needs of your various offices. So with BT, flexible pricing options can be applied to each of your sites, enabling greater control over your budget. Flat-rate pricing is also available to drastically reduce your telecommunications costs. Plus, delivery through one supplier means simplified administration with billing and contracting becoming easier than ever before.

Business Voice VoicePort offers you full VPN functionality, carrying voice and data securely over a public network, connecting your locations with extensive global coverage. This means investment in expensive wide area networks (WANs) and a variety of providers is no longer necessary.

Best of all, Business Voice VoicePort is fully owned, managed and maintained by BT, ensuring that you experience high standards of quality and performance – all with one convenient point of contact.

Technical specifications

Enjoy full VPN functionality

Business Voice VoicePort offers you full VPN functionality, including:

Dialling plans

Business Voice VoicePort enables you to connect your premises using either private dialling plans or public dialling plans, conforming to ITU E.164. You can decide the format used for delivering your calls to directly connected premises or to public switched telephone network (PSTN) destinations. For extra convenience and flexibility, your private dial plans are supported for fixed 2-to-15 digit lengths.

Forced on-net calling (FON)

With FON, your call is sent over the BT network to its destination, regardless of whether a public or private number is dialled. If a destination number is dialled in a PSTN format (DDD/IDDD) to a location served by a direct access connection, BT forces the call to terminate over the Business Voice VoicePort service rather than via PSTN.

Virtual on-net calling (VON)

With VON, frequently dialled PSTN numbers can be built into your private dial plan, saving you money. This also enables you to dial a simple 2-to-15 digit private number, instead of the full IDDD number.

Who should buy

Is Business Voice VoicePort right for you?

Business Voice VoicePort will be of particular benefit if you:

  • Want to integrate your international voice services with one supplier.
  • Have multiple services in multiple countries with a high spend on international calls.
  • Currently have multiple call tariffs across different countries.
  • Are a pan-European or multinational customer with significant bi-directional trans-boarder traffic.
  • Want a regional or global VPN with a dial plan, consolidated billing and reporting, and other VPN features.
  • Want to connect an existing private network to a managed VPN.


Business Voice VoicePort is currently available in:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea
United Kingdom

Why BT

Offering you over 100 years of experience and expertise

With more than 100 years of experience in telephony, BT is at the forefront of global voice estate management. We offer you international reach and unrivalled technical excellence and reputation – enabling you to integrate your global telecommunication needs into one supplier:

  • A proven track record: BT offers you experience in providing corporate voice services, with our network currently carrying in excess of five billion minutes a year for more than 1,000 customers.
  • Flexible voice services: we have the scope and expertise to fulfil your needs and adapt to accommodate your future requirements.
  • Outstanding support structure: our global service and operational centres monitor the core BT network 24/7. This enables us to ensure you obtain consistently high levels of performance, security and reliability.
  • Service level agreements (SLAs): BT's reputation for outstanding reliability and quality is backed by unambiguous SLAs so you can be sure of service availability, call quality and service delivery.




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