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Helping you provide the best flexible working environment for your employees.

Flexible working is driven by the need to attract and retain talented employees, increase productivity, reduce costs, make the best use of your office space and offer greater freedom to your people to work when and where they are most effective.

We understand that new working practices require a shift – both in the culture of your business and the behaviours and attitudes of your people, including your board. So how do you make it work for you?

We can help. We use techniques we’ve developed working with people just like you, as well as managing the transition ourselves. We assess how your current infrastructure, property portfolio, HR processes and culture support flexible working. We help identify any gaps, and then we design and deliver solutions to help make a flexible workplace a reality for your business.

Deploying a flexible working solution didn’t change our company’s objectives. It just added another set of tools to help us achieve those objectives. So at the start of the process, we focussed on what we needed to improve – not what solutions or technologies were available.”
– Telecoms equipment vendor, USA

We’ll help make your IT easier to run – and give you a bigger return on your investment.

We help you create a flexible working environment that gives your business what it needs.

Why BT Work Anywhere Quick Start?

  • Our Quick start approach has been successfully solving our customers’ problems across the globe – helping them save money, increase productivity and get a better return on their investment.
  • We start by bringing together key business stakeholders to look at all your needs, examining the organisational, cultural, technical and property factors involved in a move to flexible working. This means that what we deliver is right for your business, now and in the future.
  • Our solutions are tailored to your business – and are flexible enough to cope with market changes or if your needs shift.
  • Our dedicated team of mobility experts around the world help you get the best out of your business using industry best practices and our own proven methodologies.
  • We’re independent and work with a range of technology vendors, so we can offer you the best choice of suppliers.

Status checklist

To make it easier for us to assess your current situation, we ask all customers to complete a simple checklist. By answering these questions, we will be able to determine the most effective starting point for the BT Work Anywhere Quick Start. Making sure we make the most of your time – and deliver exactly what your business requires.

Level 1 – Quick Start workshop

The Quick Start workshop provides a high-level introduction to the Work Anywhere portfolio. Through this, we aim to expand and validate your current understanding of the benefits of flexible working practices, and demonstrate how these can be applied to your organisation.

Level 2 – Quick Start assessment

The Quick Start assessment will hep you develop an action plan for the future and make sure that your business has a clear picture of the roles, responsibilities and benefits that successful flexible working can bring.

This stage involves a more in-depth assessment of your current flexible working practices. At the end, we will deliver a report of our key findings including our assessment of your strategic objectives and priorities, a cost/benefit analysis of what flexible working means for you and our recommendations for next steps.

This report will form the framework on which to base the design and deployment of flexible working solutions for your business.