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Intelligent networks for your business

We know that the network and delivery of network services are increasingly critical to the efficient running of any business. This requires them to be more intelligent than ever before to cope with the ever-changing world we operate in.

Intelligent networks must support your business processes and objectives intuitively and instantly adapt to new circumstances and demands. They must be aware of threats, help lower your carbon footprint and be simple to operate – despite the complexity they must deal with.

The solution is just about introducing new technology though. The first step is to establish your intelligent network vision by engaging with the experts that can help you realise it. That’s where BT Advise Connect can help.

Our intelligent network capabilities balance flawless performance, resilience and value for money to help you align your technology requirements with your business strategy and objectives.

An intelligent network can help an organisation come to grips with the multifarious challenges to efficient and effective IT delivery in a world where content and access within the enterprise are being democratised.”
- Ovum, The Intelligent Network and the Future of the CIO – A smarter network will enable smarter IT, December 2011

We make sure your network supports the needs of your business now and in the future

We help ensure your network meets the growing needs of your business, preparing you for whatever the future may hold.

Using our unique insight, analysis tools and industry leading technology partners to assess your existing infrastructure, we can help you develop your network intelligence strategy, implement improvements and provide you with the platform you need to deliver the very best service worldwide.

The benefits of engaging with our consultants to understand your network intelligence include:

  • improved decision-making – providing you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your network and network services
  • cost control – highlighting where consolidation of your network infrastructure and suppliers will have a positive financial impact on your business
  • increased productivity – identifying the network design bottlenecks that are impacting your business
  • performance improvement – enabling you to prioritise your network traffic in line with demand.

Why BT Advise Connect IQ?

  • Our global team of 400 experts, with decades of industry experience and deep technical expertise have been successfully making customers’ networks more intelligent all across the world.
  • We can give you the investment advice that will support your business goals and help you measure results
  • We’ll take an independent view of your needs to offer the best solution. Our global capabilities and network of trusted partners allows us to provide you with the unique solutions you need, but with the advantage of a single, trusted supplier
  • Our continued investment in our next-generation network and BT Connect portfolio, including BT Advise Connect and our BT Advise Connect applications value-added services, sets us apart in the industry to deliver the full mix of network services you need

There are two routes you can take to understanding you network’s maturity and readiness for change.

1. BT Connect IQ Evaluator

Our BT Connect IQ Evaluator is a short complimentary assessment of your network and is a great starting point to understanding your network IQ

2. BT Connect IQ Quick Start

The BT Connect IQ Quick Start provides a more in-depth analysis of your network with detailed improvement recommendations. Delivered by our global business and network consultants, it covers performance and security at a high-level, with a more intense focus on business integration

The Quick Start Process

Step one - focus and priorities:

An initial meeting will take place with your CIO or key sponsor to establish the business objectives, priorities and success criteria. We will also review any output from the IQ eValuator.

Step two – stakeholder review meeting:

A review meeting will then be held with key stakeholders based on the output from the CIO review. This will involve IT and network-specific representatives and will explore the challenges being faced across the organisation, the current situation and your business objectives. From this we will get a balanced view of your IT, operational and business functions, and the consolidated output will be used to match the requirements of your business against your current technological infrastructure.

Step three - data capture:

Information will be captured from key representatives across the business in the following ways:

  • documentation reviews
  • questionnaires
  • face-to-face interviews and workshops.

Step four – analysis and recommendations

Our ultimate aim is to identify efficiencies and deliver recommendations for specific performance improvements. The outcome of every Quick Start is different; you will receive a baseline view of your current network environment with improvement recommendations. Depending on our findings we will also provide you with high-level strategic and network transformation recommendations where appropriate.

Your final report will include:

  • an assessment of your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses; an outline of what you’ve told us is important to your business, and we’ll highlight areas of opportunity identified by our consultants
  • graphical representations to show your performance against assessment areas
  • network improvement recommendations
  • clear benefits to your business



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