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The benefits

Secure payments infrastructure for merchants and processors

BT Connect Payments aggregates multiple payment transactions, presenting one interface to the acquirer / payment processor.

The service provides a wide range of connectivity options and has scale to transport billions of credit and debit card payments, and cash machine transactions per annum. Connect Payments also provides a migration path from legacy technology to feature rich IP transactions, assisting the move toward faster payment solutions.

BT Connect Payments

Multiple access methods (PSTN/ ISDN, GPRS, X.25, IP, XOT, and GSM) offering the most suitable option and flexibility for main and backup payments connection

End-to-end delivery and support across multiple geographies, with a comprehensive service model with a single point of contact, 2nd and 3rd line support teams and proactive monitoring of the Connect Payments network 24/7

Modular design that can dynamically re-route transactions if a particular node fails so transaction are never lost

Seamless migration from legacy X25 technology to faster, feature-rich IP based transactions

Enhanced Management Information that offers end-to-end visibility of transactions with near real-time output and historical statistics on calling and billing for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports

BT’s network is a cornerstone of Visa’s debit and credit card platform

Trust is very important to Visa Europe and to our customers. We work with providers that we can depend on to make sure our payments remain faster, smarter, convenient and secure.  We choose to work with BT because we trust them to deliver on their promises. Their expansive global network supports our international connectivity needs and their focus on innovative technology and services aligns with our strategy.”
- Steve Chambers, CIO, Visa Europe

More reasons to buy

  • Exclusive focus on requirements of payments services sector
  • 30+ years developing sector-specific products and services
  • Financial strength and global scale and reach, serving our clients globally and delivering locally
  • Many years of experience in implementing payment systems for some of the largest brands in the retail sector
  • Our network underpins the world’s largest card schemes such as Visa Europe and the world’s largest clearing houses sit on the BT Radianz Network
  • Bank to Corporate Payments – why install new links? The chances are you are already connected
  • End-to-end delivery and support across multiple geographies, comprehensive service
  • Market-leading security: BT’s security practice has over 1,400 full-time qualified practitioners and consultants
  • Safe pair of hands: BT is recognised as a global leader in IT network security by industry analysts, with 5 POPs for Connect Payments in the UK

Technical specs

  • Delivery of PSTN and/or ISDN traffic at extremely competitive prices, allowing also for migration to IP
  • Dedicated circuits to forward on transaction traffic to specified merchant acquirers, banks and processors
  • Global solutions for PSTN/ISDN, GPRS, X.25, and IP traffic
  • Full redundancy and resilience enabling business and operational continuity, even with the loss of any node or component across the entire service. In the event of the failure of a host connection or node, traffic is diverted automatically and instantly to its backup circuit and/or site, giving you more reliable transactions


BT Connect Payments is currently available in the UK. Please contact your BT account manager for other countries.