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Our contact centre is more than just talk

BT provides you with the means to enhance your contact centre operations and maximise the capabilities of your organisation.

Through a tailored and integrated suite of features, we enable operational improvements such as greater customer satisfaction, improved staff retention and increased sales.

Key benefits

Making the most of your customer contact

BT Onsite Contact Avaya offers you a number of significant benefits designed to increase the speed, ease and effectiveness of your organisation’s contact centre communications. Together we can help you to:

Improve cost-efficiency

  • Reduce costs: by engaging one service provider and a unified contact centre operation throughout your enterprise.
  • Improve sales: through more efficient customer service.
  • Anticipate and respond to rapidly changing tastes and demand: by operating a scalable 21st century contact centre.
  • Achieve a greater proportion of staff retention: through equipping your agents with enhanced technology – reducing recruitment and training costs.

Boost customer service

  • Improve customer retention and lifetime value: by addressing and satisfying customer needs quickly and efficiently.
  • Provide added convenience for your customers: by enabling interaction through multiple communication channels such as voice, text and email.

Enhance your contact centre infrastructure

  • Build on your existing communication infrastructure: through our tailored and scalable products and services.
  • Benefit from both BT service delivery and Avaya’s technology development: and gain the expertise of two contact centre pioneers.
  • Create and run multi-media contact centres: within complex global environments.
  • Experience the operational, financial and technical benefits of using internet protocol (IP): to manage data and telephony over a single network.

Focus on your core business

Receive 24/7 support and ensure the technical integrity of your solution: thanks to our dedicated teams.

Key features

Create an effective contact centre for your organisation

To help you create the most effective contact centre, BT has developed a range of features to choose from, including:

  • A choice of delivery, support and commercial options: these include centrally hosted technology and ‘pay as you go’ pricing – enabling you to maximise your organisation’s investment through reduced capital and equipment outlay.
  • Virtual routing: helps you balance call loads across multiple locations with tools to analyse demand and direct each call to a suitable location.
  • Call vectoring: enhances automatic call distribution (ACD) by enabling you to fine tune your call routing to balance call loads.
  • Automatic number identification (ANI): enables call centre operatives to gain instant access to customer information as the call is connected.
  • Interactive voice response: touch-tone and speech automated telephone interaction provides the customer and enterprise with a means to enter and gather information, respectively.
  • Fixed to mobile convergence (FMC): connect mobile phone to fixed line infrastructure providing services to users irrespective of their location, access technology and terminal.
  • IP security (IPSec): protocols for securing communications by authenticating and/or encrypting sensitive data. Providing complete peace of mind for you, and your customers.
  • A market leading suite of contact centre products and services: available globally from a single service provider.
  • Social Media Manager monitors and responds in line with their social media policy by transforming social media interactions into emails that are then fed into e-mail queue to be actioned by agents

Detailed description

A contact centre to match your business ambition

BT can enhance your contact centre capabilities in a number of key areas and with a range of important features. This means that you can supply the kind of comprehensive service your customers expect to receive.

BT Onsite Contact Avaya provides intelligent routing, reporting, voice and desktop applications, enabling your contact centre to operate more effectively, meet service-level objectives and increase sales.

The solution enables you to manage calls more effectively and connect previously separate call centre locations. We can deliver to all types and sizes. We can offer pre-packaged solutions for mid market Contact Centres with lots of discounts available.

Managing calls more effectively

The innovative automatic call distribution (ACD) feature enables intelligent call routing which quickly transfers your calls to the:

  • First available agent
  • Least busy agent
  • Agent with the most relevant skills

BT can also enable your organisation to adjust call direction based on:

  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Number of agents
  • Number of waiting calls
  • Amount of time spent in queue

Connecting multiple contact centres

The solution can link multiple contact centre locations, creating a virtual routing network able to:

  • Direct calls to the most relevant contact centre
  • Share workload during peak call periods
  • Spread workload across different time zones – effectively extending operating hours

Plus, the contact centre capabilities we provide supply your agents with up-to-date information – supplied by intelligent network services or by the consumers themselves – through automatic number identification (ANI) and dialled number identification service (DNIS).

Hosted options for increased deployment flexibility

We also offer data, voice and network hosting to provide flexible deployment options dedicated to improving your contact centre capabilities. With a pay as you go model, our hosted solution reduces your overall spending by only incorporating operational expenditure.

Through a virtual contact centre, hosted by a single provider, we offer your enterprise the chance to balance call loads across multiple locations both nationally and internationally.

Together, we deliver a contact centre tailored to meet your individual needs and evolve with your enterprise. This means you are free from budget and technology constraints and are able to deliver exceptional service to your customers.

Technical specifications

Advanced technology for enhanced operations

At the core of Onsite Contact Avaya operations is Avaya Communication Manager (ACM).

ACM is an integral part of the Avaya call processing software available through BT. Designed to accomplish open, scalable and highly reliable telephony, it effectively scales from under 100 users to as many as 36,000 on a single location/system – and to more than one million users when such systems are connected. Plus, we can support up to 8,000 trunks and up to 375,000 busy hour call completions (BHCC), leaving us able to meet the needs of even the busiest of corporations.

Designed to run on a variety of media servers, Onsite Contact Avaya provides centralised call control for both a distributed network of media gateways and a wide range of analogue, digital and IP-based communication devices. It gives enterprises the flexibility to introduce advanced IP telephony solutions while leveraging existing infrastructure investments.

We use proven Avaya call processing combined with proactive Avaya EXPERTSM Systems monitoring to provide up to 99.999 per cent reliability in an IP-based voice network.

This contact centre can also let you create a network that meets your business and budget needs. It takes advantage of distrib¬uted networking to extend applications throughout your enterprise. Compatible with Linux®, Microsoft Windows® 2000, and Avaya’s proprietary (DEFINITY server) operating systems, the software gives you the ability to:

  • Deliver applications over Internet Protocol (IP), time division multiplexing (TDM), asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and wireless networks, and leverage existing devices whether they’re digital, analogue, IP, or wireless.
  • Support communications anywhere in the world via a variety of signalling methods including H.323, ISDN-PRI, ISDN-BRI, multi-frequency, and Q.Sig.
  • Expand your network using Avaya Multi-National Locations Communication Manager. This can support stations, port networks, remote offices and gateways located in multiple countries using a single media server.
  • Easily integrate third-party applications using open programming interfaces including:

–Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI)
–Java Telephony Application Programming Interface (JTAPI)
–Telephony Server Application Programming Interface (TSAPI)
–Adjunct/Switch Applications Interface (ASAI)

Onsite Contact Avaya features a high-performance voice over internet protocol (VoIP) engine that maintains excellence in voice, video and data quality. Using industry standard controls – H.323, H.248 and session initiation protocol (SIP) – the software can provide the highest level of perfor¬mance for all transmissions, with low latency and delay levels. Your most important communications, especially voice traffic, are given highest priority by industry-standard protocols including DiffServ, 802.1p/Q, virtual local area networks (VLAN) and Resource Reservation Setup Protocol (RSVP). Avaya reporting and system monitoring also ensures service quality.

Who should buy


Onsite Contact Avaya is designed for contact centre operations in need of increased capacity, effective virtual contact centre working and extensive business-driven features and functionality.

It has capacity for scalable and flexible architecture across multiple sites. Its advanced applications – such as interactive voice response (IVR), the ability to work outside the office environment and fixed to mobile convergence, renders it ideal for organisations with a national or international presence.

Hosted Avaya solutions are most suitable for organisations with more than 1,000 combined IP telephony and contact centre seats – often deployed across several different contact centre locations. And although relevant for clients in all industry sectors, it will be of particular interest to financial service suppliers, retail organisations and outsourcers.

Why BT

Benefit from our combined strength

  • Established – BT and Avaya have been in partnership since 1990
  • Capable – BT has Avaya Platinum Partner status worldwide
  • Global – We operate in over 170 countries. BT is a primary Avaya partner across the UK and EMEA
  • Proven – Together, we supply 4 out of the top 6 UK banks and many other key industries.
  • BT has installed over 100,000 Avaya systems in the last two decades, including 1,000+ contact centres.