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BT has been at the forefront of successfully developing and deploying innovative, business focussed solutions to the air logistics industry for over 35 years.

We have a portfolio of services supporting regulatory requirements, industry initiatives and customers’ operational needs which are underpinned by reliable, secure, data transmission mechanisms, enabling the fast, accurate exchange of information between industry partners.

Our portfolio is supported by a team of experienced business, technology and support professionals with a wealth of industry knowledge and specialist technical skills. We pride ourselves on developing and running solutions which address customers’ key concerns:

Regulatory compliance

Understanding and satisfying all the different local requirements of the various EU member states can be a difficult and daunting task, particularly as those requirements regularly change. Our solutions aim to take this problem off your shoulders. You provide the data and we worry about the local requirements.


Security is key to every aspect of business today, whether that’s keeping people safe or making sure that information is only available to the people who should have it. We understand how to keep data and systems secure and can help you to meet your safety and security obligations.


Everyone wants to ensure that they get the best possible value for their money, particularly within the current economic climate. Our solutions are designed around industry standards and practices, using commonly held and exchanged information as the foundation, allowing you to meet changing industry needs and technologies, whilst minimising the amount of expensive development required.


By utilising the services provided by BT, you have the additional assurance that comes with one of the oldest suppliers of messaging services to the air logistics business. BT can be regarded as a truly independent supplier and the scale and stability of our global business provides you with piece of mind.

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