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Video cloud service

Why BT Al Saudia video Me

We make video communication affordable to any organization due to the different packages and additional features offered. The service offers effective collaboration which leads to faster decision making, reduced and controlled costs, enhanced working relationships and unique experience.

New way of connection and doing business

videoMe gives organisations the ability to connect with colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers in a more efficient and effective way. Big investment in video network equipment and size of organisation are no longer a barrier for using video communications services

Access from anywhere and by any device

videoMe service can be deployed and utilized from anywhere, from meeting room to a desktop, at home or even on the go.

Get started with three simple steps

Choose your Endpoint

BT Al Saudia along with its partners provides a wide range of video endpoints to fulfil your needs and requirements. These endpoints differ in their size, quality and purpose of use. Our video experts will recommend suitable endpoints based on your organization requirements after a thorough site visit.

Select a subscription plan

Add Additional Service