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BT Trace for Retail

Increase sales and improve customer service

BT Trace for Retail combines RFID technology and wireless connectivity in a solution that allows retailers to accurately track and monitor every item from the point it arrives at a warehouse/distribution centre to when the customer takes it home. Key features include:

  • Stock count and movement reports by item
  • Stock replenishment reports by item and item groups
  • Stock movements tracked and managed across your supply-chain
  • Replenishment reports by item across store-groups
  • Out of stock reports by item across store zones (floor, stockroom etc)
  • Open standards and scalable platform assuring future path for development

Additional features available on request:

  • Integration with existing systems including point of sale and loss prevention
  • Bespoke report configuration

How everyone benefits

Increased sales:  The accuracy of an RFID enabled inventory can boost sales between eight and 20 per cent. And there are plenty of other benefits to your business, your customers and your employees.

Improved customer service and satisfaction: Out of stock items are a major cause of customer dissatisfaction. Item level RFID helps you improve availability, giving customers a choice of every style, size and variation, every time.

More accurate inventory: RFID tagged inventory can be 99.5 per cent accurate , enabling store managers to replenish fast moving items and identify excess inventory.

Omnichannel inventory visibility: Omnichannel retailers can see inventory in every channel, accelerating fulfilment and reducing waste and write downs.

Faster, more efficient stock counting: Manual counting processes 200 items per hour, compared with 15,000 to 20,000 per hour using an RFID reader .

Improved productivity: Your employees have much more time to spend with customers, to improve conversion rates, and cross or up sell.

Reduced cost of inventory: When you count stock more often you can maintain a leaner inventory, replenishing just-in-time, which can reduce the associated carrying costs by 30 to 59 per cent .

Building a better customer experience: You can build on your RFID investment to introduce new features in store, such as mobile checkouts or social media applications that encourage customers to connect with your brand.

Improved forecasting and buying: Full visibility of what you are selling and where means you can respond more quickly to shifting patterns of demand, and reallocate or reorder stock accordingly.

Reduced shrinkage: Around 1.4% per cent of retail sales  are lost to employee theft, shoplifting, paperwork errors, or supplier fraud. RFID inventory management solutions can be extended to help you reduce shrinkage by tracking items throughout the supply chain.

BT Trace for Retail can be provided as a managed service, helping to de-risk implementation, accelerate the return on investment and provide greater flexibility for responding to seasonal demand or other market pressures.

We understand the retail sector and have a proven track record in the retail industry. We successfully delivered for a leading UK retailer what was, at the time, the largest RFID deployment of its kind in the world.

BT Advise consultants can help scope out your requirements and develop the business case to demonstrate the ROI of deploying BT Trace for Retail. For more information, please contact your BT account manager or click "get a  quote".

Our low risk, low cost pilot programme

BT offers a pilot programme to help show the return on investment for your business. 

The pilot lasts three months and provides:

  • Access to our proven RFID ROI model to support the business case
  • Professional services and consultancy from experienced practitioners in BT Advise
  • Equipping an agreed number of stores with RFID tags
  • An agreed number of RFID readers for use on the shop floor
  • Central reporting with an easy data export to your stock management systems
  • Employee training and support from BT and our partners

We compare the results of the pilot stores with a control group, providing a practical, factual analysis of sales performance across with and without RFID tagging. This gives you the core data required to develop a business case for wider deployment.

BT Advise consultants can assist you further with insights from successful and established RFID implementations.

We are committed to developing sector-focused solutions and investing in innovation in our supply chain portfolio. 

BT has the right qualities to be a trusted partner to global retailers: BT knows about retailing. We have worked with some of the world’s leading retailers and luxury brands. We understand every stage of your supply chain from manufacturing to the in store experience and reverse logistics. We talk your language.

We believe you should concentrate on your customers and your business, not worry about the technology behind the scenes. That is our job. Our RFID solutions are available as fully managed services, where BT takes responsibility for regular service delivery, maintenance and upgrades, making it easier for you to implement and scale what you need when you need it. And our expertise in consulting and integration mean we can join it all together with your existing systems and processes.

It takes significant resources and infrastructure to set up and run large scale retail solutions that work all around the world. BT is a global company, with a truly global network. And as we are already established in fast growth regions such as Asia and Latin America, we can help you expand into these emerging markets.

We keep our finger on the pulse, working with other top IT companies, monitoring and reviewing developments in IT and designing all our solutions to evolve as your needs change or technology advances.

Technical Specification

Integration with existing ERP systems

BT Trace for Retail can be integrated into existing enterprise systems including loss prevention and point of sale systems.

Based on open standards, its scalable platform assures a future path for development .

Available as a fully managed service, you benefit from a dedicated service manager, helpdesk and support.

The BT ROI model, , provides an early view of the likely payback timescale.


Available globally.

BT Trace for Retail is available around the world.



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