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If you’re just managing, you’re not

Information is what keeps your business going and gives it a competitive advantage. Data use is exploding and data centres need to expand to cope with the demand. But the cost of storing data and tying up your IT department to manage it can be high, particularly at a time when IT budgets are being slashed while the demand to have accurate data always on-hand is increasing.

That’s why more organisations are looking to virtualisation and cloud services to help them reduce costs, improve the way the business runs and increase productivity. But how do you know where to start?

Start with a BT Advise Compute Quick Start
The BT Advise Compute Quick Start gives you a fast overview of your business, its goals, and the context it operates in. Once that’s established we get our experts to look into the issues you’re facing and use their vast experience to predict what you may face in the near future. We can help you get the most out of your existing technology, recommending solutions to improve business efficiencies and providing support needed to run it.

We help you plan how you’ll move to the cloud
The Quick Start highlights any areas for improvement. Then we make a plan that will make those improvements and help your business move smoothly into the cloud. The result will improve the efficiency of your data centre infrastructure, and that will mean less management time. With this mix of consultancy, professional services and tools, we can transform your business.

BT Global Services was the most convincing of the worldwide IT companies that competed for our data centre management design contract. Whereas other companies bombarded us with a load of marketing jargon, BT Global Services brought real people and proven processes to the table. They were able to convinve us with actual solid eaxamples of their work, especially in mission-critical environments.”
- Hermawan Thendean, General Manager, Strategic Information Technology Group PT Bank Central Asia Tbk.

The BT Advise Compute Quick Start has two short duration levels: The level one engagement takes three to five days and involves interactive workshops with senior managers and other business stakeholders.

The level two engagement takes between five and thirty days to complete and involves workshops and interviews with senior management and IT stakeholders.

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A solution tailored for your business

Your IT team knows the importance of having a plan that helps you get the most out of your existing technology while responding quickly and effectively to take advantage of trends such as virtualisation, cloud computing and mobile technology. All of which, if used correctly, can make sure you build a more competitive and profitable business, that’s also less costly to run.

With BT Advise Compute Quick Start our skilled technology experts can help you to find a scalable, flexible, end-to end solution that’s tailored for your business, not off the shelf. We have decades of experience and an impressive track record of innovative commercial approaches, like our award winning Infrastructure as a Service platform - BT Cloud Compute.

It’s not just our technology, we have the people, skills and methods of a global services organisation; deep technical experience and expertise in networked IT; and a cast of thousands of highly professional people  available 24x7x365, all of whom are dedicated to serving you and your business.

And we’re also everywhere you are, offering a strong geographical coverage of people, datacentre infrastructure and cloud platforms that will keep your organisation running smoothly.

Technical Specification

Two levels, a fast overview of your business

The BT Advise Compute Quick Start makes sure you take advantage of having the right technology in the right areas of your business to improve the efficiency of your data centre infrastructure. It highlights any areas for improvement and provides you with a plan that will make those improvements and help your business move smoothly into the cloud.

Level one Quick Start
When the Level one Quick Start is complete, you will get a clear picture of how your company’s IT is currently performing, and a report detailing areas for improvement and recommendations on which solutions you can achieve quickly.

Level two Quick Start
When the Level two Quick Start is complete you will get a more detailed analysis of your IT. Having established exactly how your virtualisation configuration is performing now, we can recommend improved settings. We also give you a roadmap showing how to consolidate and virtualise the physical server and storage landscape. The roadmap will include recommendations on:

  • Which applications to move to the cloud
  • Which platform and service model to use
  • What changes you will need to make to process, govern and support your cloud strategy


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BT Advise Compute Quick Start

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Making your IT more flexible and less complex

BT Advise Compute

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