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BT Field Force Automation

Manage your mobile workforce better to improve productivity and customer service

Use your resources better, make your organisation more productive and give customers better service.  Give your mobile teams and workers full access to the relevant business applications at the point of service and allow these to be available on the most suitable devices. You’ll cut travel miles and wasted journeys, shrink your carbon footprint and extend a duty of care to your teams. By managing jobs, teams and individuals better you’ll be able to improve business behaviours and standards to get the best out of your mobile workforce.

Make yourself more efficient
You can use Field Force Automation to manage work schedules and rosters and make sure your resources and skills are where they need to be. It also lets your teams in the field tell you about stock levels, order parts and consumables. All that means no more duplicated jobs and less wasted time.

Cut costs
A better scheduling and reporting system means less time travelling. You can also keep track of your vehicles and other assets using BT Field Force Automation, so you’ll have the management information you need to run projects better, save money, increase productivity and shrink your carbon footprint.

Give better customer service
With better information at their disposal, your teams will have a better chance of completing work faster and dealing with customers’ issues on the spot. And that makes for happier workers as well as satisfied customers.

Cut out the paperwork
Mobile computing means less paperwork, more accurate data and better inventory management. It also means your people can spend more time doing their jobs.

“BT offered us a solution, not a product. It demonstrated how it had used the technology itself, and how it had helped other companies too. This was to be a high profile project - affecting the majority of our people - and we had the confidence BT had the vision and capability to ensure that the project would be a success.”

David Garrett
Field Technology Sub-Programme Manager, Northumbrian Water

We chose BT because not only could it demonstrate experience of similar work with other customers but it also had direct experience of similar issues in its own organisation; such real-life, practitioner experience was very important to us, adding significant value and proving to be key to the final success of this major project.” 
- Octavian Cretu, Director of Operations, Romtelecom

BT clearly understands our industry and took great trouble to understand the nuances of the way we work and, therefore, what we need the devices to be capable of and what levels of service we require. BT’s solution is built on leading edge, but not bleeding edge technology, so it will be robust in operation." 
- Raymond Smith, IT Strategy Development Manager, Scottish Water

What it costs

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We’ve reaped the benefits too

We use Field Force Automation with 30,000 of our own people. So we understand the strategic, operational and regulatory pressures that companies with mobile workforces are facing. And it’s been a big success:

• We’ve saved £175 million by becoming more efficient.
• We’ve upped our productivity in the field by 36 per cent.
• We used to have more than 1000 field service centres, now we only need seven.

And what’s more, we’re independent from networks, hardware and software vendors. So we can look at your business and give you the technology that works best for you. And we’ll work with you to make sure it’s a smooth transition.

Technical Specification

Technology and expertise combined

BT Field Force Automation is a combination of professional service consultancy and change management expertise plus hardware and software.

We’ll work with you to analyse your business processes and discover what you need to make them run better. We’ll help you make a business case for change and make sure your people are on board too. Then we’ll design a system, integrate it with your business processes and get it up and running.

Once it’s live, you’ll get our helpdesk, maintenance and software support, plus options for replacing any damaged equipment, subject to the solution you choose.

The main functions of Field Force Automation are:

Resource management – you can have more control over roster patterns and how you balance your skills and resources between locations. Your people can report on capacity levels, and log attendance, overtime, sickness and absence.

Scheduling and dispatch – send work schedules to your teams in real time from any mobile platform.

Mobilisation – our managed mobilisation platform lets you automate and mobilise processes and forms or documents at minimum expense.

Tracking and telemetry – keep track of your vehicles, people and assets with GPS technology. And telemetry links up with engine management to give you information like fuel consumption.

Mobile data capture – let your people use mobile devices to record proof of delivery or completed jobs.


Available across the world

BT Field Force Automation is available to businesses and public sector organisations across the world.


Fitting in with your business

We can make sure your teams in the field have full use of the relevant enterprise applications. We’ll make it happen by integrating your back-office systems with our mobilisation platform.

Service level Agreement

Service to match your needs

We’ll gear the service to your needs and your contract. For example, with a fully managed service we provide you with a dedicated service manager, a helpdesk and second and third line support.