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Make smart devices work to your advantage

Your staff are already familiar with mobile technology, so it makes sense to let them use it to be more productive. But allowing people to connect remotely on mobiles and tablets can be a security headache – and a financial one too – especially if they’re using their own device.

With BT One Mobile secure devices, you’ll get the tools to use smart devices to your advantage. You’ll be able to set up and manage mobile devices with advanced tools for logging and reporting so you can see exactly what mobile assets you have and how they’re being used.

BT One Mobile secure devices benefits

Be as flexible as your staff. Around six out of ten people now work in several different places during the week and many – especially younger staff – expect their employer to give them tools to support this more flexible way of working. You’ll be able to supply all the devices, applications and operating systems they need to work anywhere.

We cover all kinds of devices and systems. You’ll be able to support the devices, operating systems and applications your staff are already using, and you’ll be ready for whatever comes along in future.

Better productivity. With easy-to-use mobile tools, applications and support, you’ll give staff the freedom they want to work anywhere, so they can be more productive.

Control and cut costs. It’s easier to control costs when you can see and manage all your devices with just one system. Also, faster support for mobile employees cuts downtime.

Keep security strong. We’ll help you design and set up a consistent security policy that protects your data and devices without getting in the way of what your people need to do.

Be ready for the future. With full control of everything you’re using, you’ll have everything in place when you need to roll out more mobile applications and unified communications.

Mobile device management specifications

Secure, monitor, manage and support all mobile devices across your organisation, whoever owns them (you, your people, or shared). BT One Mobile secure devices work with most mobiles, smartphones and tablets.

You can mix and match four components. Choose one or all of them:

Device Security: This protects hardware, including, smartphones, tablets, and laptops, whether they’re owned by you or your staff. It lets you control exactly which devices can connect to your network and what they can do. You can bar devices from accessing or downloading specific content, plus disable features (like email or cameras) to comply with customer or regulatory requirements. And when a device gets lost or stolen, you can quickly lock or wipe it remotely.

Application Management: This protects applications and the data being used in them. Application Management applies security measures to your applications and data, not the devices – if your staff are using their own devices, all their personal files and data stays separate and private, so it’s ideal if you’re running BYOD (‘Bring Your Own Device’). You’ll use one central console to manage internal, public and purchased apps across all devices, whether they’re owned by you, your people, or shared.

Email Management: This keeps data from emails secure and separate from other applications. It encrypts data and enforces rules that define which applications can open content, for example. Email Management is especially important for government, public sector and other organisations handling sensitive data or working in regulated industries.

Content Management: This helps you control how your documents, files and other content are being stored and shared. It uses the principle of ‘containers’  to protect sensitive content, which keeps all corporate documents protected in a single place that requires a username and password to access them.

BT One Mobile secure devices include:

  • Up-to-date inventory. See all mobile devices, plus which applications (and which versions) they have installed.
  • Quick ordering and service. Your users will be able to order and set up  their devices quickly and use the self-service web portal to sort out simple issues.
  • Easy distribution. You’ll be able to send applications, data and settings ‘over-the-air’ (OTA) to a wide range of mobile devices.
  • Data roaming limits. Manage your costs by setting and enforcing policies that limit data roaming charges for staff working abroad.
  • Remote security tools. You’ll be able to reset, lock and wipe devices remotely to protect yourself against data loss.
  • Security policy management. Set and enforce your policies, including PIN codes, password rules, inactivity timeouts, and encryption.
  • Reporting tools. Produce regular or one-off reports on your assets, software, applications and use.

Available globally

BT One Mobile secure devices are available around the world.



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