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Stay ahead and secure with mobile applications

Mobile applications are reshaping the way we do business. A good app can make things simpler for your people and help them get more done. But buying or building a killer app is only half the story. To improve your business, you need a fast and secure way to get the apps onto devices, and then manage and support them.

BT One Mobile secure applications let you take advantage of mobile technology. Your own IT team will manage your mobile apps; our system fits in with how you already work, and it scales up easily when you need it to.

BT One Mobile secure applications benefits

Boost revenue, cut cost. A mobile workforce using apps means you’ll cut down the time it takes to close a sale from days to minutes. And that means more revenue for your organisation. With your own branded app store, you’ll quickly see a return on your investment, fewer risks, and lower licence fees and admin costs. You’ll also save money by rolling out apps to your mobile teams without IT.

Let your people be more productive and innovative. Give people the freedom to use any mobile devices, corporate or personal, while you keep all corporate data secure. They won’t have to wait while you set things up: our system is quick and easy to use so you can get apps onto devices, manage and secure them faster than ever. And if innovation’s important to your organisation, you can give staff the ability to host and deliver their own company-designed mobile apps.

More time for your IT team. We make it easy to roll out apps to a large number of users very quickly without your IT team having to do it all.

Protect your data with built-in security. Every app has security as standard. For example, user ID, encryption, and where required a VPN connection, meaning no data can leak out of your organisation. We protect your data wherever it’s being used or stored: in devices, in apps and when it’s sent between devices and servers. And as you’d expect, we’re using the latest technology and the strictest security standards.

Mobile application management specifications

BT One Mobile secure applications let you roll out applications through a specially designed app store, and manage and secure everything through our easy-to-use web portal.

Invisible mobile security: Our mobile application management (MAM) works on any device and wraps around apps to protect your data without interfering with the code. This means the security is invisible to your users and your IT team can delete apps remotely when you need to, whether or not the device has mobile device management.

An app store designed for you: You’ll get an app catalogue that’s easy for your people to use because it looks like the consumer app stores they’re familiar with. And we customise it with your corporate branding. Your users can be involved in the mobile app process with tools to help them share ideas and work together.

Mobile Identity Bridge: This lets you set access levels for your apps, depending on each person’s role in your organisation. You’ll be able to report on app take-up and use. We can also put in any controls you need to comply with laws or regulations. And all these features work across a wide range of mobile devices.

Scale easily through the cloud: We designed BT One Mobile secure applications to run in the public or private cloud, so if you need to you can quickly expand to hundreds of thousands of users.

One system for the full lifecycle. Our modular architecture looks after the whole mobile app lifecycle, from checking apps when you first import them, to ways to share ideas and information that improve app creation and take-up. You’ll manage it all from a single admin console. We organise our system into four core modules to cover everything:

  • Source. To get new apps on board.
  • Protect. Use this service to inspect code, look after app signing, and add security features and procedures.
  • Integrate. So the app fits with your existing systems. You’ll also use this module to run reports.
  • Deploy. An app catalogue so users can find and install your corporate apps. We customise the catalogue with your organisation’s branding.

Available globally

BT One Mobile secure applications are available around the world.


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