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If your people can communicate better, they’ll be more productive. With BT One Microsoft Lync, you’ll give your staff the freedom to talk the way they want to, but keep your costs down. Our service is powered by Microsoft Lync 2013. You can run it on-site or pay-per-user from the cloud for a monthly fee. You’ll get reliable unified communications without a big capital investment.

Microsoft Lync benefits

  • Freedom to talk however you want. Get people together with audio, video and web conferencing. Staff can get answers quickly and collaborate in new ways with instant messaging, presence and group chat. Our ‘federation’ tools let your staff talk with other organisations and use public IM services. You don’t have to be in the office to use these tools: we can extend these features to your mobile users too. And when your people need a good old-fashioned voice chat, we can take care of that with Lync Enterprise Voice.
  • Cut all your comms costs. Instant messaging and presence can cut mobile phone bills by up to 30 per cent, email traffic by up to 40 per cent, and voicemail by up to 15 per cent. And with VoIP, you can talk free of charge with other Microsoft Lync users across your Wide Area Network. To save even more when you talk to people outside your network, use our BT One Voice SIP.
  • Cut travel costs: With improved ways of communicating without being face to face, your users won’t need to travel as much.
We chose BT to develop our next generation of voice and data communications services that will greatly enhance healthcare services to our 340,000 patients and clients. We look forward to working with BT on delivering real benefits to staff and patients, and facilitating new ways of communication and teamwork.”
- Paul Duffy, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust                

Microsoft Lync specifications

Connect first time, every time with fully integrated comms.

  • Multi-party HD video meetings. Lync meetings work up to 1080p HD resolution so participants see a sharp, clear display.
  • Works with the kit you already have. You don’t need anything fancy to use Lync 2013’s video functions. It works with most monitors/screens and it’s easy to hook it up to AV equipment from most brands.
  • Works with your Microsoft systems. As you’d expect, Microsoft Lync joins up seamlessly with Microsoft Office, Office 365 and other applications. Your users can get talking to each others with the ‘one-click’ functions in Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote etc.
  • Mobile and web: faster, easier, more reliable. With better mobile and web clients, your people can collaborate however and wherever they like.
  • Connect with Skype. Lync works with Presence for Skype so your Lync users will be able to use voice and instant messaging to talk to Skype users.

Flexible architecture to suit you. We’ll listen to you to create the best solution for your organisation: we can run Microsoft Lync on-site or cloud, or a hybrid. We look after your whole system: our partners are industry leaders in audio, video, and devices that connect home or business networks to the internet. And because our architecture’s modular, we’ll be able to quickly add additional servers and storage as your organisation grows.

Robust cloud infrastructure and no downtime. If you choose to run BT One Microsoft Lync as a cloud service, it works as a ‘private dedicated cloud’. Our architecture uses a regional dual data centre Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) design, in each of three regions – North and South America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The data centres are geographically separate, in pairs in each region. If something goes wrong at a data centre, there’ll be no interruption for your users because service continues from your region’s other data centre. We constantly monitor use and make sure both regional data centres are scaled to support all the users in the region.

Reliable expertise. We’re a fully certified Premier Support Lync Partner (PSLP). That’s the Microsoft-accredited seal of approval which says we give our customers all the support and Service Level Agreements they need to get Microsoft Lync working best for them.

Connect thousands of people: how it worked for Belfast Health & Social Care

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust chose us to be their single supplier of voice and data communications in a five-year deal worth up to £20 million. We're providing 17,000 users with innovative technology and an infrastructure to support healthcare across Northern Ireland. Read more »

The whole package from one expert provider. Connecting people and getting them talking is in our DNA. We think Unified Communications should be hand-in-hand with your voice calls system. So if you like, while we’re looking after your UC service, we can also deliver our BT One Voice global network and you can take advantage of our telecoms expertise through BT One Advise.

Licensing. Microsoft Lync is available in three editions:


  • Instant Messaging and rich Presence (IM&P)
  • Peer–to-peer (P2P) Audio & Video (AV) and file transfer
  • Create, host and attend conferences with internal users


  • All the ‘Standard’ features (as above)
  • P2P and Multi-Party (MP) AV, web conferencing, file transfer, white-boarding, application and desktop sharing
  • Create, host and attend conferences with internal and external users


  • All the ‘Standard’ and ‘Enterprise’ features
  • All voice capability (fixed and mobile) and call management

Microsoft Lync unified communications delivered globally

Available worldwide.
We have resilient data centres in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.



One Microsoft Lync 2013 from BT

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One Microsoft Lync Pathfinder

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