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Work flexibly, be adaptable and become more productive

Flexible working is about more than letting employees work from home. It’s about changing the whole culture of how they work. It’s also about managing people, processes, property and budgets carefully. We’ll help you decide on the best working styles for your business, then manage the change-over from start to finish. And we’ll help you do what many organisations struggle with - make the move from pilot to full company roll-out of a flexible working strategy.

Get everyone on board
Before you switch to flexible working, everyone needs to understand what’s changing and why. Our team will help you introduce the change. They’ll explain the benefits and dispel any preconceptions.

Make a quick, smooth switch
We’ll help you roll out flexible working in the right way for your business. We’ll manage every aspect – from providing equipment for your people to redesigning your office space. There’ll be minimum disruption, and everything will happen quickly and smoothly.

Get more done
We’ll help you introduce working patterns that suit your employees, so everyone’s working efficiently. And as flexible working creates a better work/life balance, you’ll find the number of sick days will go down. You’ll make yourself a more attractive employer too.

Save money, space and energy
When employees are working from other places, you’ll need less space in your office. You’ll spend less on recruitment, as staff turnover will go down. You could even take on more people without having to move offices. And you’ll still cut your carbon footprint because there’s less travelling.

Make yourself more adaptable
Flexible working could help you adapt to changing market conditions faster, as well meeting customer needs more speedily too. It will also mean you’re meeting legal requirements to offer flexible working to parents, carers and people with disabilities.

Make it a success
We’ll set up systems that make flexible working easy to manage in the long term. We’ll also introduce ways to measure the benefits. And we’ll help train your managers so they can pass on the right messages to their teams.

BT’s flexible working solution promises tremendous advantages to both the Council and its staff. It will allow the Council to maximise usage of its buildings and redirect resources to frontline services. Staff will benefit from a better work-life balance and reduced commuting costs.”
– Geoff Petty, Head of Finance and Corporate Performance, Powys County Council

Pricing to suit your needs

Pricing depends on your unique needs. For more information, click “Get a quote”.

Getting results for ourselves and our clients

We’ve run flexible working programmes for all sorts of organisations, from small law firms to multinational companies. Our own programme is one of the biggest in Europe. We have:

  • more than 13,000 people working from home
  • around 75,000 people working from external locations at any time
  • online booking systems for rooms and facilities in more than 170 buildings around the world.

It’s helped us save around €750m per year in property costs.

We’ve worked with clients including the UK Ministry of Defence, Accenture and NHS 24, the online and telephone-based healthcare information service.

The Workstyle team also helped Customer Service Direct (CSD), a partnership between Suffolk County Council, Mid Suffolk District Council and BT, to bring in new ways of working. By designing a new working environment and managing organisational change, we’ve helped CSD cut costs by almost 25 per cent. Flexible working means 650 employees now need only 450 desks, PCs and phones.

Technical specs

Implement a successful flexible working programme

The BT Workstyle Managed Service helps everyone to work smarter, not longer. We’ll help you introduce the work styles that are right for your industry, workforce and business goals. The key is not to introduce change just because you can, but only when you’re confident you’ll get real benefits.

We can help you transform your workplace and create an environment that helps flexible working happen. It’s not just a physical transformation. It’s also about challenging ingrained attitudes and preconceptions, because people can start off being uncomfortable with change.

We provide BT Workstyle Managed Services using applications, processes, support and professional services through our own expert consultants. The key parts are:

Solution set-up and build: we provide policies, processes and templates tailored to your organisation. Our approach allows for rapid enterprise roll-out, making sure everything’s in place before you start your flexible working programme.

Applications and systems:  tools like the BT Workstyle portal help you introduce and facilitate flexible working. It can automate all the decision and transition processes. We can also use existing agreements to get the right equipment for in-office and home workers, including furniture, stationery and peripherals.

Specialist programme management: we combine our expertise with a structured deployment plan. We can extend it to include technology roll-out like managed secure remote access or VOIP.

Service management and support: we’ll provide services and helpdesks for home-based and mobile employees.

Culture change and process management: we’ll help you create the right environment to make flexible working a reality. That includes training, education and support to prepare the whole organisation for culture change.

Objective-based management: working with you to change management styles and the way you measure success, so everyone feels empowered. Introducing new management techniques and styles enables the whole organisation to adopt flexible working.

Property services: we’ll help plan and update how you use your office space - a key part of changing your culture and cutting costs.

Benefits realisation: helping you create a business case based on factors like business management – and then deliver against it.


Available in UK, France and Benelux

BT Workstyle Managed Services are available across the UK and France and the Benelux countries.

We can provide the service in other countries and regions depending on your particular needs.


The BT Workstyle Managed Services Portal

At the heart of BT Workstyle Managed Services is a secure web application initially used to explain flexible working choices to employees. It then supports them as they make the move to a new work style. That could include more flexible office-based ways of working as well as home-based and mobile working.

Once an employee has set up a new virtual office, they can use the BT Workstyle Managed Services portal for information and support and booking meeting rooms. They can also use it to access training, HR or other corporate services including routine ordering of office supplies and consumables.

We back this application with a helpdesk to support employees and their managers in their day-to-day flexible working lives. Also, our ongoing service management makes sure you get the right management information , and spot and put right any problems fast.



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