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End to end supply chain visibility

BT Global Trace is an independent solution for the supply chain industry, built on a genuinely global infrastructure, with industrial strength security, service levels and resilience.

BT Global Trace provides secure sharing of near real-time data to enable supply chain collaboration across organisational, geographic and systems boundaries for more informed decision making and faster response time to changing environments. It also provides a collaborative infrastructure to drive more centralised and consistent business processes across an organisation’s global supply chain.

Improve accuracy, forecasting and decision making
Event-based, accurate information about the movement and status of goods and assets along your supply chain means more informed decision making.

Meet service level agreements
Understanding what is happening where and when can helps ensure compliance with service level agreements (SLAs) and avoid any penalties for variation.

Improve customer service
Automated processes eliminate the potential for human error and improve customer service.

Comply with regulatory requirements.
Accurate and timely information about the provenance of goods and assets to help comply with regulatory requirements. 

Reduce wastage/shrinkage
Reduce losses and mitigate disruption by monitoring the conditions and handling of goods in the supply chain.

Greater visibility across the supply chain increases efficiency and flexibility. There is no doubt that a single view across all systems and data speeds up processes and identifies significant events, allowing us to respond in new and better ways to our customers, and they, in turn, deliver a better service to their customers.”
- Steve Brown, Divisional General Manager, TNT Special Services

BT supply chain specialists can help scope out your requirements and develop the business case to demonstrate the ROI of deploying BT Global Trace. For more information, please contact your BT account manager or click ‘get a  quote’.

The BT experience of complex data interactions over our global network combined with our worldwide infrastructure and service provision aligns precisely with the demands of modern supply chain systems. 

Combined with our security expertise and track record of successful system integrations, BT is ideally positioned to help solve today’s key supply chain challenges. We offer customers the opportunity to embrace the future, exploiting advances in technology to handle large data applications using our BT Cloud Compute infrastructure and network. 

We are committed to developing sector-focused solutions and investing in innovation in our supply chain portfolio. 

BT has the right qualities to be a trusted partner in the global supply chain. They include: 

  • Experience and expertise. We have proven experience of delivering large-scale supply chain solutions. 
  • Industry collaboration. We play an active part in setting and promoting global standards through participation in organisations such as GS1 and EPC global, and other industry and academic organisations including the National Retail Federation, ELUPEG, ECR and Tsinghua University. 
  • End-to-end global capability. A truly global organisation, BT has the resources and infrastructure to set up and run large scale supply chain solutions around the world; we serve the needs of customers in more than 170 countries. 
  • Security expertise. We are one of the largest security and business continuity practices in the world with over 1,300 security professionals globally, helping governments and businesses secure their information and processes. 
  • World class consulting and integration. BT is an expert in systems integration and in data capture technology and can design innovative solutions for specialist needs. Our global professional services community numbers 4,500 and is recognised by industry analysts as being world class.
  • Easy deployment. Our solutions are available as fully managed services, where BT assumes responsibility for regular service delivery, maintenance and upgrades, making it easier for you to implement and scale as needed. 
  • Innovation and future proofing. We work with the leading technology providers; we monitor and review developments in IT and design all our solutions to evolve as your needs change or technology advances. BT has spent more than £5 billion on research and development in its products and services over the last five years and employs 8,000 scientists and technologists globally.

Technical Specification

BT Global Trace event capture application interfaces integrate with your internal systems to securely collect, store, interpret and share high volume, granular information on open industry standards, it converts user data from multiple sources into EPCIS format to provide the answer to four questions: what, where, when, and why?

Core functionality includes:

  • Supply chain activity event capture
  • Full connectivity with mainstream ERP and supply chain management systems
  • A web interface/portal branded for each customer
  • Real time alerting based on business rules
  • Data query tool
  • Reporting engine and dashboards
  • Secure data storage
  • Secure authenticated access
  • Customer support and self-help through forums and blogs

To make implementation simple and easy, BT provides a library of pre-built software interfaces that will work with your existing ERP systems. We can also easily configure customer specific interfaces as required.

In addition, a web portal and software development kit (SDK) will allow customers to interface with a wider number of partners and stakeholders across the global supply chain, both upstream and downstream. We will also be introducing smartphone apps that will help with deployment in emerging markets.


Available globally

BT Global Trace is available globally.


Additional services

Additional BT Global Trace services can help you understand, for example, where goods or assets have deviated from a prescribed path, where bottlenecks occur and where you can make process or logistical improvements. They include:

Service validation. Helps ensure compliance with service level agreements (SLAs) and avoid any penalties for variation.

Quality of Service. Automates process and improves accuracy to drive overall efficiencies and improve customer service.

Traceability. Provides accurate and timely information about the provenance of goods and assets, to help comply with regulatory requirements.  It can also improve the efficiency of reverse logistics.

Chain of custody and condition monitoring. Reduces wastage and shrinkage and mitigates disruption by monitoring the conditions and handling of goods in the supply chain.

Service level Agreement

Service that matches your needs.

Service Level Agreements will be specified to meet the requirements of your business.




BT Global Trace

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