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BT Internet Connect Global

Robust and high- performance global Internet service

The Internet is important to the way we work today. You need a service you trust and you can rely on. It is a cost effective way to interconnect your offices and to communicate with your employees, home workers as well as customers and suppliers, wherever and whenever they want to connect to the Internet. BT Internet Connect Global gives you:

  • Reduced management complexity –We manage and control every component of all your Internet connections. You can remove the headaches of dealing with multiple suppliers in different locations.
  • Improved customer experience – BT Internet Connect Global is optimized for performance. Our guaranteed bandwidth ensures your applications can perform at their best, improving customer experience, productivity and profitability.
  • Consistent high performance - All your offices benefit from the same high quality service. The service is un-contended (1:1) in the BT Internet Connect Global network. The ordered bandwidth is fully guaranteed and always on. BT Internet Connect Global offers a comprehensive service level agreement that covers performance, availability and delivery as standard, backed up by service credits as and when appropriate.
  • Integrated with BT IP Connect Global, BT’s MPLS IP VPNGateways around the world between IP Connect and Internet Connect reduce the cost of providing Internet access and the time taken to deploy
  • Improving performance for cloud services -With increased use of public cloud services like Office 365 and, end user applications performance can be a challenge. Internet Connect includes an option for application acceleration to popular cloud service providers

Internet Connect delivers a fast reliable Internet connection with global coverage

We’ve moved from routinely adding expensive bandwidth by ordering ever-larger pipes to putting in smaller pipes that are more efficient, cost us much less and are many times faster.”
- David Walls, Global Infrastructure Architecture Manager, Anglo American                

BT Internet Connect Global specifications


  • Network design avoiding single point of failure wherever possible
    Design of node includes redundancy and multiple backbone links to ensure optimum resilience.
  • Low network hop-counts to all destinations
    BT’s deep internet network coverage and extensive peering provides minimal AS hops to all destinations across the Internet.
  • High and Multiple access speeds
    Access speeds from 1536kbps and up to 10 Gbps- with cost-effective ethernet delivery
  • Enhanced Resilient Access
    Customers can gain dual access to the Internet Connect Global Node and apply Failover and Load balancing options.
  • Multiple Protocol Support
    BT support both Border Gateway Protocol (BGPv4) and Static Routing.
  • Latency. Average round-trip transmission time is 20 milliseconds or less in the UK, 45 milliseconds or less in Europe and 95 milliseconds to the US.
  • Resilience options
    1. BGP4 – used to set up multi-homing to a second internet service provider.
    2. Failover – all traffic goes over one primary access circuit, failing over to secondary access.
    3. Load balance – shares traffic in normal operation over the two physical accesses
    4. In-Life Managemnt
  • Service Level Agreements. With a comprehensive service level agreement that covers performance, availability and delivery, backed up by service credits. You can be assured we will meet our commitment to you
  • 24x7 proactive management of core network
    BT pro-actively monitors the core network giving customers the value of consistent service surround across different time zones around the world. Single point of contact for fault reporting and handling.
  • Customer Reporting
    Internet Connect Global offers up-to- date and real-time reporting features through a secure web based portal.
  • Domain Name Services
    BT can provide both primary and secondary DNS to customers to ensure their domains operate on redundant systems offering resiliency and no single point of failure.
  • IPV4 - We also offer as many IPv4 addresses as you require and can justify to RIPE. IPv6 - Compliant and full support is also available


  • Managed Security Services
    BT can also offer Managed Security Services in conjunction with Internet Connect Global that ensures your business is protected from external and internal threats via Assure Managed Firewall and Assure Web Security.
  • Assure Managed Firewall - Fully- managed CPE firewall solution that protects your organisation’s WAN / LAN from intruders and hackers, and secures your site-to-site communications.
  • Assure Web Security - Protects your organisation against web-based threats and inappropriate employee actions; through functions like caching, URL filtering, Web AntiVirus, control of SSL and IM sessions, and bandwidth optimisation

Available globally in 38 countries to 350 cities.

BT has hundreds of access points worldwide, with global PoPs in more than 350 cities across Europe. BT Internet Connect Global uses BT’s own internet network and partner networks to provide customers with a comprehensive service wrap.

Sites in Europe are connected to BT’s own internet network. In the USA and Asia Pacific regions BT connect the customer to partner networks while continuing to provide the comprehensive global service wrap.

First class peering with global internet providers. Internet Connect Global exchanges internet traffic with other global Internet providers via Internet exchanges around the world. Combining BT’s existing global internet backbone with our extensive peering arrangements (via 135 exchanges) ensures a high-speed network with rapid delivery times to all Internet destinations around the world.

Our team of support professionals operates in more than 75 countries, and we have the world’s largest resource of qualified technical expertise, with more than 4,000 Cisco-certified engineers