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Customer satisfaction with reduced costs

Auto Contact, our range of self-service solutions, can help free up agents to handle more complex and revenue-generating calls –and at the same time improve the overall customer experience whilst reducing costs. And our range of self service applications can help with customer surveys, notifications, credit collection and fraud detection to make your contact centre even more effective.

Auto Contact benefits

Cut costs by 90
You’ll cut the cost of each call by up to 90 per cent over live agent support whilst reducing voice traffic. On average it costs $6 for an agent to handle an enquiry, but a standard self-service voice session costs just $0.50 (source: Forrester Research).

Customers prefer self service
39 per cent of customers prefer automated phone services for simple tasks like checking store opening hours. And 79 per cent of consumers say they would prefer calls to be taken by voice self-service rather than handled offshore (Autonomous Customer 2013). It’s a win-win strategy, because by deflecting routine enquiries away from advisors to automated services, you can respond faster and more efficiently, keeping your costs down and your customers happy.

Do more with less
Auto Contact can also have a significant impact on productivity. Automation not only helps you improve your service during peaks in demand, it frees up your most valuable resource – your agents – to concentrate on more complex and high-value interactions, enabling you to do more with less.

Single application development
BT’s new service creation environment means we can develop a single application and deploy it globally across multiple channels – phone, mobile, web, text and social media. App deployment and in-life management just became faster, easier and cheaper. If you’ve already made the investment, we can link our global platforms to applications you have developed. A reduction in development time means we can have you up and running even quicker.

Auto Contact features

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so our self-service systems can be on-premise or hosted, voice-only or multimedia, off-the-shelf or bespoke.

  • Cloud – self-service systems are embedded in the BT network, managed by us and available on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. They give you a fast and affordable route to the latest self-service technology. We have our own range of packaged hosted applications and we can offer tailored ones too.
  • On premise – you buy the service outright and it’s managed and maintained on your premises. We work with the market leaders in contact centre technology to supply packaged and tailored self-service systems.
  • Omni-Channel – lets your customers seamlessly switch among channels--voice, email, mobile, chat and web—so they can get the help themselves wherever, however and whenever they want.
  • Applications - off the shelf or bespoke – self-service applications packages for customer survey, customer notification, credit collection, fraud detection, store locator and order tracking. Or bespoke self-service applications based on advanced speech recognition.

Self Service platform

We’ve developed cutting edge voice portals offering a migration path for all new and existing network IVR customers. This includes:

  • Enhanced resilience with no single points of failure
  • Advanced speech capabilities – speech recognition, text to text speech, multiple languages
  • Omni-channel approach – single app over voice, SMS, chat, mobile, web, social media
  • Host connect – link with your CRM applications, and business applications
  • Customer application portal – comprehensive reporting, prompt management
  • Open standards – BT build or bring your own app 

Global service for global customers

Auto Contact is supported by our global voice network which spans over 170 countries. That means you can easily expand your presence to give your customers consistent service, wherever they are.