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Choice and connected control in the cloud

The cloud is opening up a host of new opportunities and taking us all in new directions. Allowing us to think big, do more, do it faster and expand further. But to really transform your IT and provide greater value, you need access to storage, data and applications, quickly and seamlessly.

How? Well, there‘s a system we’ve designed to help your business transform, expand globally and securely… with instant access to knowledge and expertise.

Our Compute Management System (CMS), gives you both choice and control in the cloud. Organisations shouldn’t have to decide which vendor’s technology they’ll be locked in to, if that decision curbs their ambitions later. You need access to systems you’re already using, as well as being able to switch on new independent apps in a moment. 

You should have the option to run private and public clouds together and blend your own data centres with cloud-enabled ones, and be sure everything will run seamlessly together. And moving to the cloud shouldn’t have to be a dramatic throw of the on-off lever. 

Organisations should be able to do what they want at the pace that’s right for their aims and strategy. We make that flexibility possible, from how to connect to the cloud, to where applications run from. And with our CMS, we put you in control. 

Through it they can see all your resources as a virtual data centre and manage your IT, applications and data. You can get new infrastructure up and running in minutes, deploy and manage applications and get cloud-based file storage, data protection and sharing services and more.

Give me choice and control in the cloud

“BT’s Compute Management System enables you to create, deploy, monitor and manage your cloud services. View all your resources as a virtual data centre, set up new infrastructure, deploy and manage applications, get cloud-based file storage, data protection, sharing services and more – in minutes”.

BT’s Compute Management System is the secret sauce enabling integrated access to multiple third-party and BT-supplied services, a field-proven platform benefitting from years of R&D investment”
- John Marcus, Current Analysis, BT’s ‘Cloud of Clouds’ Articulates a New Services Integration Vision, April 2015.

Our Compute Management System (CMS) provides an overarching platform bringing together a range of cloud based services enabling them to be accessed, managed and monetised all in to one place. The CMS is an entire Business Support System (BSS), providing you with the following:-

  • A self-service portal to sign up and manage accounts for you and your users, and access the underlying products and services which make up this area of the BT Compute portfolio including;
    • Cloud Compute enabling you to create, deploy, monitor and manage your cloud services in minutes from a choice of 20 locations across 5 continents.
    • Apps from BT giving providing you with a host of applications at your fingertips – from a choice of industry specific services, or applications from leading vendors. They’re already tuned for the cloud and can be deployed wherever you need them.
    • BT Compute Storage offering you the flexibility to store your data using cost efficient storage accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • A gateway to connect to the major third-party cloud suppliers as well as BT services. The connections are private, so you can be assured of the best performance and security with access to all your IT across our world class network.
  • A single point of control provided through single sign-on capability. Our Identity Management System (IDM) means you can seamlessly access multiple services through one account logon.
  • Tailored Services can be created for individual channels to best meet your specific business requirements.
  • Flexible pricing and billing through a choice of pay-as-you-go pricing or pre-pay compute allowances to offer greater agility and more control over your costs. Account wide pre-paid allowances allow you to reduce your costs while giving you the maximum flexibility over where these allowances are used.
  • Service reports means you can optimise your environment to give you the very best performance. Managing your service based on accurate information ensures you are maximising return on your investment.
  • Personalised CMS. With the growing challenges and opportunities presented by the emergence of a global services market, CMS can give organisations the power to enhance their own business by allowing them to quickly, reliably and cost effectively deliver a delivery engine for their own products and services. Using CMS it is possible for an organisation to integrate their own services in to the platform enabling them to reach a wide audience through multiple existing channels; they could even become their own branded entity and presence within the CMS system.

Available from our choice of locations across 5 continents



  • UK & Ireland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Benelux

Middle East & Africa

  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa

North America

  • USA

South America

  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Argentina

Asia Pac

  • India
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Japan



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Fast flexible access to cloud infrastructure.

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Click to deploy business applications available at your fingertips

Compute Storage datasheet

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Enterprise grade, cloud-based object storage with enhanced security and durability

White papers

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