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Pay as you go, multi media cloud contact centre

BT Cloud Contact Cisco is a modular omni-channel capability that allows you to scale the number of agents quickly, while only paying for what you need on a per agent, per month basis.

As a global platform, it allows customers to deploy the service in virtually any geography with the only requirements being an network connection, browser and a phone.

This service is built to handle large volumes of customer interactions but it’s also flexible enough to get you started quickly with a modest number of agents. For example our entry level option:

  • 50 agents entry level
  • deployment in eight weeks
  • Exony control module and reporting
  • a rate of just £80 per agent per month
  • BT Optimise Contact call recording included

BT Cloud Contact Cisco benefits

Reduce costs and minimise risk

Connecting to our global MPLS network gives you access to our flexible cloud services, which let you scale-up your capacity when you need it. This means you don’t have to pay for costly resources you only use rarely, and can launch in new markets fast without the risk involved in heavy investment.

And because agents can work from anywhere on our virtual desktop, overheads stay down too. And, if you’re already connected, you can use our cloud contact centre with no additional access costs.

Omni-channel for customer convenience

BT Cloud Contact Cisco channels include:

  • Voice
  • e-mail
  • SMS
  • Web Collaboration
  • Web Chat
  • Web Call Back
  • Social Media management
  • Video

Omni-channel contact allows customers to contact you any time, however they choose. BT Cloud Contact Cisco provides this service, and you only have to pay for the extra channels you use and the number of the agents assigned to them.

Intelligent call handling
Our service includes Cisco contact centre technology, which automatically routes calls based on the identity of the client, putting them in touch with the agent best placed to respond to their query.

Stability and continuity
Our highly resilient network provides you with business continuity. It’s stable, secure and trusted by international businesses and government organisations. And, it’s flexible so you can change capacity quickly to cope with the unexpected — plus the redundancy offered by BT’s data centres keeps your business running, should disaster strike.

Stay up to date
We keep you up to date with Cisco’s innovations, pre-tested and pre-integrated, so you can be sure your world-class contact centre technology is always stable and up to the minute. And you can try out and then scale-up to new customer channels without capital expenditure.

Round the clock support
Your service is staffed 24/7 for 365 days a year so, whichever location is live — at any time — we are managing it for you.

Flexible integration:
Our service integrates fully with your existing CRM systems, allowing you to move to our cloud service at your own pace.

Centralised management and reporting
The unified agent desktop gives you a full overview, while reporting functions enable you to keep track of your contact centres from one place with a single, intuitive interface.

Flexible agent pricing options
The service and pricing is modular, with options for different licensing and for the addition of other customer contact channels. Essentially, you decide which agents require which channel, allowing you to always pay for what you need.

BT Cloud Contact Cisco specifications

Unified communications – a primary focus for today’s front office

BT Cloud Contact Cisco enables your agents to manage multiple channels through a single, easy-to-use multimedia interface — helping you create a customer-focused organisation.

Businesses have traditionally divided their communications between a front office, CRM environment and their back office experts. BT Cloud Contact Cisco removes this division and helps collaboration across your organisation, empowering your people to share ideas and respond to customers more quickly.

You can network your back-office experts into the front office environment, which means that customer with complex requirements, are directed to the people best suited to deal with them — regardless of where they are.

You can integrate BT Cloud Contact Cisco with our other services including:

  • Global inbound services
  • Automated self-service
  • Work Force Management (WFM)
  • Work Force Optimisation (WFO)
  • CRM software
  • Contact recording
  • Secure credit card payment
  • Personalised video
  • Professional services

Global availability

BT Cloud Contact Cisco is available globally.



BT Cloud Contact Cisco

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A robust, pay as you go, multi media cloud contact centre