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Be ready for smart devices and BYOD

The business landscape has changed dramatically in the last two years and smart devices are leading the charge. The flexibility offered by these devices has the potential to make employees more productive and businesses more profitable.

That’s why forward-thinking businesses around the world are looking at how they can take advantage of the smart devices themselves, be it corporate-owned or personal provided through deploying Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. The benefits of understanding these developments better include:

Anticipate and manage risks
It’s good for businesses that their employees are adopting the latest technology, but they need to be aware of the dangers. If employees use their own devices at work, the company’s IT team has little control over them and this presents a new range of potential risks to an organisation; including security and how to protect corporate data.

Plan how you’ll manage BYOD
BT’s Advise BYOD Strategy and Planning Quick Start service can help you plan the implementation of BYOD across all areas of your organisation. Our expert consultants will assess your organisation’s readiness to introduce and manage smart devices and we'll talk you through all the steps to maximise the opportunities and minimise potential risks to your business.

Be prepared
We'll help you rapidly identify the steps needed to embrace the power of the devices, identify problems, outline recommendations and help you choose the right technology for your business over the long term.

The Quick Start takes 10-20 days. For detailed information on pricing, contact your BT Account Manager or Get a Quote.

Kick start your BYOD plan

Your IT team knows the importance of having a plan for BYOD and smart devices so that your organisation can start to benefit from the opportunities provided and minimise the risks. But with limited budgets, resources and time, creating this plan can be a challenge.

The Advise BYOD Strategy and Planning Quick Start service can help you plan the implementation of BYOD across all areas of your organisation by providing an initial plan, in a short period of time, giving you time to focus on your business critical issues.

We’re a leader in Outsourcing and Professional Services
We have more than 4,500 experts around the world, our field force has over 6,000 certifications and accreditations, and we’re positioned in Gartner’s Leaders Quadrant for Outsourcing and Professional Services.

Seventy per cent of the world’s major banks, seven out of the top ten pharmaceutical companies, 31 per cent of Fortune 500 firms and 50 per cent of FTSE 100 companies use BT Mobility solutions. With highly qualified security professionals (each with a minimum of five years’ experience), industry–leading tools and partners, you’re in good hands.

Technical Specification

Be clear on the “why” and then the “how”

To make BYOD and smart devices an active part of your business we help you consider many interdependent layers from end-users and security to operations and infrastructure.

When the Quick Start is complete, you will receive a report with recommendations to help you determine the benefits and risks of introducing smart devices into your organisation. This will include:

  • An assessment of the scope of impacts and risks
  • Short term recommendations to control the current mobile eco-system
  • A high-level transformation roadmap to plan the next steps of your Enterprise mobility Strategy
  • Understand how applications change when they go mobile


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BT Advise BYOD Strategy and Planning Quick Start

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The smart device – your great business enabler or rapid disabler?