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ITSC overview


The ITSC has been founded in 2010, as a result of transforming the Service Desk department due to the considerable expansion in the company business and services provided. The rapid growth in the company customers also has played an effective role in forming the IT Services Centre department, which was a challenge for gaining the level of current bright positive image on our customers for maintaining our high level of quality of service. 

ITSC department is an ITIL based team-building and processes model structure - with minimum qualifications of CCNA/CCNP in various Cisco fields R&S, DC, Voice, Wireless, etc. We have been relying on high skilled team members to provide an exceptional level of quality to our customers in the region.

Customer self-service portal

The customer self-service portal is your online window to BT Al Saudia ITSC support. It’s a personal space, specific to you as an individual, which allows you to manage your BT Al Saudia's products and services online. It’s safe, secure and easy to use; putting you in control of the data you need.

It has all the advantages of being:

  • Fast - See the key information you need to know quickly “at a glance”
  • Flexible - You’re the one in control. Set your information up to show just what you want
  • Free - Saving you time, money and effort

It’s designed to make your life simpler.

A single place to manage your all your incidents and support tickets with BT Al Saudia.