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Managed video conferencing service puts innovation through collaboration at the very heart of Indesit

The white goods market is among the most competitive in the world. Invention and innovation are essential qualities to keep consumers coming back time and again. That’s why Andrea Landini selects best-in-class services to help Indesit people collaborate and communicate wherever they are.

A BT One Collaborate video conferencing solution running over a BT IP Connect global network helps Indesit people stay in touch. From the CEO to design and production teams, everyone has access to powerful tools to interact with colleagues worldwide. Unless one books well in advance, seats in video conferencing suites are invariably sold out; the best testimonial of Andrea’s savvy choice.


It’s much more efficient to conduct a meeting when people can see each other. It helps keep the focus on the subject being discussed and promotes creative collaboration among interdisciplinary teams.”
- Andrea Landini IT Service Delivery & Architecture Manager Indesit

Keeping the creative juices flowing

Indesit is a leading European manufacturer and distributor of white goods such as washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, and cookers. Despite being the undisputed leader in major markets like Italy, the UK and Russia it faces fierce competition and needs to constantly innovate to stay ahead.

“To be competitive, we have to facilitate the flow of creative ideas at all levels of our organization, regardless of geography,” says Andrea Landini, IT Service Delivery and Architecture Manager at Indesit. The company was seeking to upgrade its video conferencing infrastructure. Leveraging new communication technologies for better quality sound and imaging with reduced bandwidth demands, that move would kick-start a more collaborative culture.

Managed service makes things simple

Indesit signed a managed services contract for a BT IP Connect Global infrastructure to link its 16,000 employees at 65 sites worldwide including eight manufacturing plants across Italy, Poland, the UK, Russia and Turkey. “We chose BT because it has the global scale to connect all our business locations, with the local presence to support us in our day-to-day operations,” says Andrea.

Legacy video conferencing equipment was replaced with a BT One Collaborate managed service featuring LifeSize products and accessories. The network of video conferencing suites now reaches 40 locations worldwide. “We wanted an easy to operate and bandwidth efficient system, and LifeSize proved to be the best solution,” says Andrea. “With BT as a single point of contact for both equipment and network the burden of fine tuning and maintaining the technology is clearly alleviated for us on a worldwide scale.”

Over the BT IP Connect Global network, video conferencing has been assigned a specified quality-of-service with 512kbps dedicated to each video feed. Andrea explains: “We experience excellent HD video quality at just 512kbps. However, to prevent any risk of network congestion, when there are many simultaneous video conferences taking place on high usage links, the system automatically adjusts the compression rate of the codecs. That way everyone can continue their video conferences uninterrupted at just a slightly reduced picture quality.”

Collaborating and keeping in touch on a global scale

Video conferencing rooms support multi-site HD video connections. Standard rooms can handle up to three simultaneous HD video links, while bigger rooms in the company’s main offices can support up to eight.

Top management periodically needs to address a lot of people scattered among several locations. Indesit signed up to the BT One Global Video Exchange bridging service to support such company-wide events with hundreds of attendees.

“It’s very easy to organize such big virtual meetings,” says Andrea. “All we have to do is to tell BT the schedule and list of locations we want to include in the video conference. The BT team then co-ordinates people and technology, which can involve hundreds of participants joining from 30 different rooms.”

Multifunctional unified communications platform

The BT video conferencing solution has clearly helped Indesit save on travel time and cost. Even more important, it’s helping foster collaboration and co-operation among business and design teams all over its worldwide organisation.

“This next-generation video conferencing solution has been a tremendous success. Nowadays video conferencing suites are seldom free if not booked well in advance,” says Andrea. “It’s much more efficient to conduct a meeting when people can see each other. It helps keep the focus on the subject being discussed and promotes creative collaboration among interdisciplinary teams.”

Other than day-to-day meetings, the video conferencing systems have also been successfully used to deliver e-learning programmes to employees. Sessions recorded in video conferencing suites are regularly delivered to a wider audience as an on-demand video through the company’s intranet.

Finally, Indesit is integrating the video conferencing infrastructure with its chosen personal collaboration tool, Microsoft Lync. A sample of employees is already testing full unified communication chat, presence and video services. Wherever they are in the world, participants can choose not only to interact through the Microsoft Lync client, but also join any video conferencing session with no extra software needed.

Andrea concludes: “BT helped us deploy a highly-appreciated video conferencing service that is working very well in all our worldwide locations. And in turn this leads our company to be more competitive by generating a constant stream of new ideas.”

Core services

  • BT IP Connect Global
  • BT One Collaborate managed video conferencing service
  • BT One Global Video Exchange