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BT helps Pets at Home provide an even better service to customers purchasing a pet in-store

Walkies! PetPad lets colleagues off the leash.


The pets come first. That’s the tail-wagging secret of success for Pets at Home. People working in 379 stores across Britain pride themselves in caring for customers as much as the animals they nurture. By doing so, they can match the perfect pet to the perfect person. Dave Poole, Pets at Home head of retail operations, wanted staff to spend even more time with customers, with detailed customer histories at their fingertips and answers to questions available in an instant.

With this in mind Dave introduced the PetPad – built on the web-based clienteling solution from BT Expedite. Today, iPad Minis are used on the shop floor to record customer details, match pets with partners, swipe VIP loyalty cards, and anticipate questions with caring advice. Customers love it. And by improving their experience, Dave’s made sure Pets at Home remains a howling success.


Pets at HomeI would class the PetPad as a fundamental change, on a par with the introduction of barcodes or chip and pin.”
– Dave Poole, Head of Retail Operations, Pets at Home

Pets at Home mobile: video case study


See how mobile technology – and the PetPad – has helped Pets at Home transform the in-store experience, improve efficiency and free store colleagues to help customers.

Fast facts


  • Interactive, integrated, iPad mini featuring digital forms and offering instant access to data
  • Liberating the front line in-store team to provide service wherever it’s needed
  • Speeds transaction time for regular customers
  • No re-keying of data affordd better stock control
  • Reduced waiting time at tills
  • Better customer experience leading to increased basket size.


Dedicated retail team


BT Expedite is BT’s retail specialist division. It provides innovative technology and business solutions for retailers that can help leverage better customer engagement, drive operational efficiency and support scalable growth. More than simply a supplier BT Expedite is a business partner that can provide an end-to-end managed service, from consulting and software to connectivity and infrastructure.


Go mobile


An in-store mobile solution from BT Expedite can help you to transform the way you engage with customers. With key store applications, customer data, product information, ordering and check-out at your fingertips, you can improve customer service by engaging the customer at the point of decision. Free staff to get out on the sales floor, speed day-to-day tasks and improve stock accuracy. The opportunities are boundless.

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