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Totan relies on BT Netrix and the supporting infrastructure provided by BT Unified Trading at state-of-the-art Tokyo headquarters

Brokerage is a high-stakes business at the best of times. And the quality and availability of communications between traders and their counterparts is the ultimate critical success factor. That’s why Kiyomi Saito chose BT Unified Trading and BT Netrix trading turrets along with a complete BT service and support wrap.

Tailor-made for the pressurised environment of the trading room, BT Netrix tones down background noise on vital phone lines, it’s tough enough to survive a few knocks when tensions run high, and it’s supremely reliable. In Kiyomi Saito’s world, that means confident dealers who consistently perform at the top of their game.



In this four-minute video, Kiyomi Saito, CEO of Totan Information Technology, explains how a BT Netrix multimedia trading platform provides vital top-notch communications for Totan brokers. Saito-san also describes how BT technology development insights are helping inform trading infrastructure planning for the future.

“If dealers aren’t satisfied with the trading system quality, they get very upset and their transactions suffer. I’m pleased to say ours are extremely happy with BT Netrix.”
- Kiyomi Saito, Chief Executive Officer The Totan Information Technology Company


Japanese broking giant Totan is a respected name in the financial services industry with a premier presence in global fixed income securities, money markets, capital markets, equities, foreign exchange and derivatives. Its technology requirements are constantly evolving, and every element of its mission critical communications infrastructure has to be reliable. Quality and performance must be top-notch.

Totan Information Technology delivers a range of telecommunications, information system management, and other services to Totan group companies. It’s also the leading provider in the Tokyo money market of real time financial data to media organisations such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and QUICK.

Making informed decisions for its brokerage clients depends on Totan IT having regular exposure to technology innovations affecting the industry. “To achieve this we need a technology partner with the right combination of expertise and stability, R&D credibility and global reach,” says Kiyomi Saito, Chief Executive Officer of Totan IT.


Several years ago, Totan IT chose BT to install a trading system in its Tokyo dealing room, beginning a partnership that has stood the test of time. There is no room for complacency in the relationship, however. In 2012, for example, Totan invited proposals from several potential vendors for the communications infrastructure in its new purpose-built Tokyo headquarters.

Totan again chose BT. Totan dealers transact most of their business on the telephone. Flawless voice connections are therefore paramount in ensuring that transactions are successfully completed. “Quite simply, the trading system is the life-blood of our dealers,” says Kiyomi Saito.

At the heart of the infrastructure is BT Unified Trading with 256 BT Netrix trading turrets. Totan is also using the BT Recorder IP voice recording system and Proteus Trader call accounting solution from CTI Group. An Avaya IP PBX provides voice services to non-trading staff and common areas of the building. BT installed and commissioned the systems on time and within budget, while keeping the trading environment fully operational throughout the transition.

More recently, Totan IT decided that it no longer had sufficient internal resources to support its private wire voice network. Following another bidding process the network was transferred to BT, which now manages and maintains those crucial links to top Totan financial clients in Tokyo.

BT provides comprehensive support and maintenance through an onsite engineer, a 24x7x365 helpdesk, and a service manager who’s permanently on call. “BT people are dedicated as well as professional,” says Kiyomi Saito. “The person in charge of our account once came back to Tokyo in the middle of his holiday because he heard that we needed help. We’re very grateful for that level of care.”


Totan IT is satisfied with every aspect of its partnership with BT. Outsourcing to BT has increased confidence in its technology while removing a logistical burden and reducing costs. The BT-managed lines, networks and systems provide the fast, reliable and fully redundant infrastructure that Totan needs to function.

The BT Netrix is a star performer, handling voice particularly well and delivering excellent audio quality on all channels, with outstanding open-line capabilities. Special array microphones home in on the user’s voice and reduce the constant, intrusive background noise in the trading room. Audio recordings are high quality and easy to retrieve, even at short notice, in the event of a dispute with a customer or in compliance with government requests for information.

“The trading system quality has a huge impact on dealers’ transactions,” explains Kiyomi Saito. “When they know they can communicate clearly with customers, their confidence is high and they do better business. We have complete faith in BT Netrix because it performs well all the time.”

The relationship between Totan and BT continues to flourish, based on mutual respect, shared learning and a degree of trust that stems from experience. BT regularly offers insights into its own technology developments and the market as a whole, helping to inform Totan decisions about its critical infrastructure.

Kiyomi Saito says: “Every time I visit the BT offices in London or Tokyo we have an opportunity to learn the BT roadmap, which shows what’s coming a couple of years in advance and makes sure we’re well prepared for it.”

Although the phone will remain the quintessential brokers’ tool for the foreseeable future, Totan is adopting e-trading for certain domestic transactions and expects to become increasingly active in overseas markets. BT Radianz cloud services will continue to gain in importance in the Totan world view as those plans progress.

Kiyomi Saito concludes: “You know, business is about people; and BT people are so committed. We really appreciate BT people for the good service they provide.”

Core Services

  • BT Unified Trading
  • BT Netrix trading turrets
  • Avaya IP PBX
  • BT Recorder IP-based voice recording system
  • BT-supplied Proteus Trader call accounting solution from CTI Group
  • BT Unified Trading private wires
  • BT Unified Trading service and support including onsite engineering support and maintenance