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For disadvantaged communities in Africa the telephone can be a lifeline. Luxembourg-based communications reseller RAVcall, a provider of such vital services, was constantly battling to overcome poor voice quality and service stability. Recognising there must be a better way, Andy Tuna Hussein made contact with BT, which proved to be a smart move.

Now, by interconnecting with BT Global IP Exchange, RAVcall can provide higher quality for its voice customers at value-for-money prices. And with the backing of BT the company can differentiate itself from its competitors, as well as pursue new market opportunities to expand its business. So good news all round.


In Benelux, BT is synonymous with quality, so being able to offer services via BT helps our credibility and our reputation. With BT Global IP Exchange, connection quality improved immediately. Our clients are very happy – so are we.”
- Andy Tuna Hussein, Business Development Manager RAVcall


Luxembourg carrier RAVcall gets better connected with BT Global IP Exchange, for happier customers and business growth opportunities

An expanding carrier based in Luxembourg, RAVcall collects international call traffic and terminates it directly at very attractive rates. For Benelux card operators to enable end users to make international calls, for example, especially to Asia and Africa. It’s a competitive and price-sensitive market. The company’s challenge was made greater because the stability and quality of the services it was able to offer were proving difficult to maintain.

To underpin growth, RAVcall had to both improve the customer experience and target new markets. It has decided to launch a range of retail card services and sell to residential, retail and enterprise customers via the internet, offering voice over IP (VoIP) services worldwide.

Andy Tuna Hussein, business development manager at RAVcall, says: “We wanted to differentiate our brand by connecting to a well-respected carrier, but as a small player we feared we would need to deal through intermediaries. This would dilute the value of brand association as well as the margin available, and it would introduce unwanted complexity to the service delivery model.”


Web research led RAVcall to the BT Global IP Exchange solution and the company wasted no time in making contact. “I was impressed that, despite RAVcall being a small player, BT was happy to deal with us face-to-face,” says Andy. “Its Global IP Exchange service was just what we needed, offering us high quality global connectivity with service level guarantees at a reasonable price.”

The BT Global IP Exchange interoperability platform supports premium IP voice services to 750 international destinations. The end-to-end IP network minimises the need for protocol conversion, meaning higher quality connections. BT commercial terms were attractive too. RAVcall could contract for services on a pay-as-you-go basis with a minimum initial deposit equivalent to just one week’s projected revenue.

“BT proved to be very flexible with its pricing,” confirms Andy. “It responded to some concerns within the hour and came up with a deal that gave us better pricing to key locations.”


With BT Global IP Exchange, RAVcall can now provide its customers with a better call experience at value-for-money prices. Those higher-quality calls, with less noise and latency, are already leading to repeat business and longer call durations from established clients. That translates to higher revenue and profit for RAVcall and for BT.

Meanwhile, the flexibility and reach of BT Global IP Exchange will enable RAVcall to address new markets. Opportunities under consideration include expanding its offer to encompass unified messaging, SMS, conferencing, and video-on-demand.

Andy sums up: “Working with BT is helping us transform our business model. Our existing customers are far happier with the service quality, we are attracting new business and we have lowered our cost of failure. The commercial model we have with BT also allows us to reach new markets with pre-pay services that substantially reduce our business risk.”


A technical tour around the BT Global IP Exchange solution for RAVcall

Service provider solution
Without widespread co-operation and support, no single carrier, or even group of carriers, can take full advantage of IP evolution in an industry as interconnected as telecommunications. Specially designed as a wholesale product for service providers, BT Global IP Exchange is an IP interoperability service that enables fixed, mobile, legacy, and next-generation networks to interconnect, reliably and cost effectively.

Developed to meet the growing need for connectivity between VoIP operators, traditional communication providers and converged service providers, BT Global IP Exchange provides essential interoperability between the various communications technologies in use, minimising the cost and complexity of protocol conversion.

Sustainable business models
For many service providers like RAVcall, the key advantage that Global IP Exchange brings is higher call quality. It’s also designed to provide scalability as a service provider’s business expands, offering quick and easy access to underpin new customer services with minimal investment. That makes creation of sustainable business models in the IP space much easier.

It has financial benefits, too. BT Global IP Exchange offers communication providers a simple and robust interoperability solution without the need for major capital investment. In addition, it includes market-leading financial settlement services for calls terminating on the service provider’s network.

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