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BT network services provide powerful and reliable platform to support Sycor customers worldwide

Stable and powerful communications


You’re a brand-new start-up offering ERP hosting and other ICT support services to medium-sized manufacturers. You need a partner for the underlying infrastructure. But how do you pick one? And what criteria do you use? That was the dilemma facing Rüdiger Krumes in 1998 when Sycor opened for business.

Sycor and its customers need stable communication systems to succeed. Now BT IP Connect and BT Business Voice provide fast and resilient connectivity for Sycor offices and customer sites around the world. His decision to work with BT is something Rüdiger looks back on with pride.


SycorWe are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers, and we hold our partners to the same standard. BT fits this description perfectly.”
– Rüdiger Krumes, Chief Executive Officer, Sycor GmbH

Fast facts


  • Sycor GmbH was spun off from the Otto Bock Group in 1998
  • In 2013, it generated about €60 million in revenue operating from 17 locations in nine countries
  • BT IP Connect Global allows Sycor to make adjustments to bandwidth as required
  • Sycor sources BT direct-access and preselect lines for itself, the Otto Bock Group and customers


Supporting worldwide operations


Sycor operates around the world. That’s why it values a provider with truly global reach that can enable phone calls, video conferences and other connection-oriented communications through networks with matchless reach.


A perfect white-label platform


BT is able to offer a flexible, unbundled service that Sycor technicians can provision, configure and manage themselves, making adjustments to bandwidth on-the-fly to maximise WAN capacity utilisation.


With end-to-end telephony


BT One Business Voice gives Sycor the security and stability it needs to be able to provide voice communications at its own sites and those of its customers, using conventional ISDN and IP-based SIP services.

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